A New Anthology

The western, in book form, enjoys moments of great success. People all over seek out western books and short stories as a way to visit another time. They look for the escape to what they believe is a simpler lifestyle. Yet, those who lived during the expansion of the West would say much differently.
 The men and women who settled the west were a hardy breed. They had no time for vapors or complaining about something their neighbors had done. These men and women worked long hard hours to break through rocky soil to set up a homestead, or herded cattle through blizzards or driving windstorms on the plains in order to establish a ranch. Few who came west did so with any thought but escaping the increasingly overcrowded East. Many of those few migrated west after the Civil War, a time when brother fought against brother. Far too many of the men going west were only looking for a little peace. Some found it and settled into somewhat boring lives, occasionally punctuated with the excitement of neighbors visiting or an unexpected snowstorm.
In the twenty-first century, especially during the recession that has gripped our country for so long, stories out of the Wild West harken those harassed by loss of jobs and income to a time when a man or woman's sweat was what counted. Westerns are now seeing more and more readers as people avidly lap up stories out of the imaginations of a new breed of writers seeking to bring that simpler time to life.

So it is for me. In October of 2009, Duke Pennel of Frontier Tales accepted my short story, Brothers Under the Skin, for his fledgling online western magazine, Frontier Tales. To my amazement, a story I'd loved from its inception was voted "Best Loved" by the readers of that magazine. I went on to submit and have published three other stories, one of which was also voted "Best Loved". And I'm currently working on more stories with the same theme, Tombstone in her heyday, with a cast of characters both fictional and real.
But the best news I'd received in months came in an email on April Fools' Day. At first, I thought it was joke. Yes, I'd heard The Best of Frontier Tales would come out soon. For some reason, I thought that date was sometime in May. Yet, here was the news – The Best of Frontier Tales, Vol. 1 was out, but only for authors to sell, as of April 1, 2012.

Oh goodness, was my first reaction. My next reaction was to talk my teenage son into helping me create a video for this anthology. You can view the video if you go to my website: www.kcsprayberry.com. Then my darling child created a poster and bookmarks as I made notes about places I'd contact to promote my work, and the work of a dozen other talented western writers. I already have two visits scheduled, and with a bit of hard work on my part, hope to have another five or six scheduled by Monday.
If you don't live around LaFayette, Georgia, or won't be visiting any time while I'm doing author visits, you can purchase The Best of Frontier Tales online as of May 1, 2012. Support these very talented western writers. And if you desire an autographed copy, email me at kcspray01@gmail.com and I'll oblige you.


Doc Ellis said…
Well done KC

I hope you do well with this

KC Sprayberry said…
Thank you, Doc. It is doing well for the 2 appearances I have done. More next week, and then the book will be online. Great western tales from all kinds of western writers.