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Today, I have the honor of hosting Andrea Buginsky, author of The Chosen and Nature's Unbalance, both available through Solstice Publishing. I had the honor of participating in Andrea's launch party for Nature's Unbalance on Facebook a few weeks ago, and it was a wonderful experience.

Take it away, Andrea.

1.    Where did you come up with the idea for Halli's character? Is she based on someone you know?

Halli is based on a character I played in a Role Playing Game with my family and friends years ago. She was a Holy Paladin, and one of the group's healers. Her personality in the book is based on me: quiet, shy, a good friend, wanting to help others. That's me!

2.    You describe Halli as a pretty dwarf, which is in complete contrast with most dwarves in fantasy. Why?

I've actually heard this question a few times now. As much as I wanted Halli to be a dwarf, I wanted her to stand out from the typical dwarf you see in fantasy stories and films. I wanted to show that just because you're a member of a society with a certain stereotypical quality, you can stand apart and be your own person.

3.    Halli has very little self-confidence at the beginning of the story, but she gains it through her accomplishments. Do you feel this will endear her to teenagers grappling with the same issues?

That is my hope. We've all been there: grappling to find our place in the world and be accepted. That's what I want Halli to represent.

4.    Halli becomes very confident during her first confrontation. Do you attribute this to her training, or does her attraction to Silvor help?

I think part of it is from her training, but a big part of it comes from the confidence that Silvor and the others show in her. It allows her to see her accomplishments, and helps her find that confidence in herself.

5.    Kaidyla doesn't like Halli when they meet, and is in fact, distrustful of the pretty dwarf. Does Kaidyla accept Halli because of her abilities or because she feels as if Halli is truly now a part of Kaidyla's family?

At first, Kaidyla's acceptance of Halli came from what she saw in Halli. She saw a determined, hard-working girl who was going to do everything in her power to protect her new charges. This created a bond between the two characters, which only grew as Halli became a part of Kaidyla's family.

6.    Halli and Silvor develop an attraction for each other, even though she's a dwarf and he's a Goliath. Does this lead to a romantic relationship, and are there any problems they'll face because of their differences?

For readers who may not have read the first book yet, the answer to the question would spoil the ending, but I think they'll get a pretty good idea of where the relationship is headed. They're differences will not interfere in their relationship, but instead, show how much too very different people can connect on a very special level.

7.    The Chosen isn't the end of Halli's adventures. Can you give us a small preview of Nature's Unbalance?

In "Nature's Unbalance," Halli and The Chosen will take on a new enemy that is seeking to destroy all of Nature's creatures on Phantasma, as well as Nature herself. They must travel to where Nature is and seek out this enemy in order to save everyone. Along the way, they'll come across more enemies to defeat.

8.    Solstice Publishing recently released Nature's Unbalanced. Is the end of Halli's story, or are you planning even more adventures for this pretty dwarf?
I'm definitely planning more adventures for Halli and The Chosen, and have in fact finished the first draft of the third book. I'm hoping to focus on the other characters in the series as I go, and not only shine Halli in the spotlight. There's a character for just about every reader, and I want each of them to take center stage at some point or other.

Tell us a little about yourself. We'd like to discover who Andrea Buginsky is, and why she decided to write books. Where can we find your books?

I'm definitely planning more adventures for Halli and The Chosen, and have in fact finished the first draft of the third book. I'm hoping to focus on the other characters in the series as I go, and not only shine Halli in the spotlight. There's a character for just about every reader, and I want each of them to take center stage at some point or other.

As for me, I grew up with heart disease which caused me to miss a lot of school. I had trouble making friends because of this, but the ones I've made have been very close, lifelong friends whom I still cherish. I feel that the relationships I created in "The Chosen" are very similar to my experiences.

Growing up, I also got lost in movies and books, particularly fantasy. That is what struck the idea in my head to start writing "The Chosen." Now, I can't imagine my life without these characters and their stories. I love them all like my best friends and children. 

Would you like to share an excerpt from Nature's Unbalanced?

Sure! This scene is at the beginning of the story where everyone finds out there's someone new attacking their world:

Suddenly, as if someone had cast a freeze spell, everything stopped. As everyone looked around, they saw the shamans and druids gather together nervously and look up at the sky. Everyone else’s eyes focused upwards to see what was going on; chatter and screams could be heard as the sky suddenly darkened out of nowhere. Day became night in an instant. Now in a near panic, everyone shouted out assumptions.

“It’s Gastle!  He’s back!”

“That’s impossible! This must be a new monster.”

“Perhaps it’s Gastle’s descendants seeking revenge for his death.”

“Or an old enemy trying to replace him on the throne.”

“Everyone, please, stay calm,” Striker spoke up. As the head of The Chosen, he normally took command, and it was accepted by those around him. “Let’s try to get some answers before we make assumptions.” He turned to the druids and shamans, who talked animatedly with each other while they pointed to the dark sky. “Red, any idea what this is?”
“It’s definitely not Gastle, or any other creature in Phantasma. There’s something off with the elements. Whatever caused this is a natural entity, and comes directly from Nature herself. There is a definite shift, and it’s unbalanced. We can all sense it.”

“Any idea what it could be?”

“No, but the strongest feelings we received are coming from the North, in the Polard region. We need to go there and see the situation for ourselves.”
Halli glanced at Queen Laurali who stood nearby and listened to the conversation between Striker and Red. The queen came toward the group, and Halli knew what she would say.

“I know this is a day of great celebration,” the Queen said, “but under the circumstances, I think it would be best if The Chosen headed out at once to seek some answers.”

Thank you, Andrea. I'm definitely looking forward to reading Nature's Unbalance, and any other books in this series. They are wonderful. Anyone interested in purchasing these books may find them at or


Donna Alice said…
Wow! Sounds like an exciting book and very adventure-some! Everything a fantasy reader could want I love the idea that Andrea took a role playing character she loved and created her own 'book world' from it. I'll be sure to recommend this to the fantasy readers I know.
Andrea Buginsky said…
Thank you, Donna! That's a beautiful comment :) I appreciate the word-of-mouth.


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