Random Acts of Publicity - K.J. Dahlen

Today on Out of Control Characters, we're joined by K.J. Dahlen, another Solstice author. Her book Cards of Sin sounds fascinating.

Can you tell us a bit about your character, K.J.?

Cards of Sin focuses on Cheyenne Gentry. She’s a reporter in DC. When a serial killer makes contact with her through her own IM he doesn’t give her a choice, he wants her to write his story and he won’t allow her to refuse.

When he starts to kill people to prove he’s serious, he leaves behind a calling card. It’s a playing card with a crime written in blood nailed to his victim’s foreheads.  When Cheyenne’s friend Vincent Bailey begins to look back he finds a trail of other victims.

Cheyenne goes from being scared to being angry and it’s her anger that helps the police find this killer. The killer taunts her every chance he gets and she begins putting the shattered pieces of his life together.  Then she gets a phone call from his first victim, Wesley Price.

Wesley tells her the killer’s name and about his childhood.  Roger Coyton left him paralyzed and blind at the age of 14. He thought he killed Wesley but Wesley survived.

Cheyenne uses what she knows about his past to help trap him.

Roger is at a point in his life where he’s got nothing left to lose. His life has been a series of mistakes and injustices.  Eight years ago he thought he could quit killing and begin his life over but he found he can’t stop killing.  He sees life different than most people do. He’s seen nothing good and the police are helpless to stop the tides, so he does.

He challenges Cheyenne to try and find him and he gives her just enough to uncover his past. It isn’t until it’s too late that he realizes she’s got him. She follows him back to the beginning . He thinks he can rewind time and start all over but he can’t. Life doesn’t work that way…

Wow! Cheyenne sounds like a lot of women I know. This is definitely something I'd buy and read. We'd like to know a little more about K.J. Dahlen.

I  live in a small town (population495) in Wisconsin. From my deck I can see the Mississippi River on one side and the bluffs, where eagles live and nest on the other side. I live with my husband Dave and dog Sammy. My two children are grown and I have two grandchildren. I love to watch people and that has helped me with my writing. I often use people I watch as characters in my books and I always try to give my characters some of my own values and habits.

I love to create characters and put them in a troubling situation then sit back and let them do all the work. My characters surprise even me at times. At some point in the book they take on a life of their own and the twists and turns they create becomes the story. Of all the stories I could write I found I like mystery/thrillers the best. I like to keep my readers guessing until the very end of the book.

My book titles are: Bones, The Darkness Within, Meghan’s Legacy,  Shadow Chaser, Witness, Secrets and Lies, Legacy of Murder, The Unknown Son, The Prophet, No One to Hear You Scream, Bradbury Inn, Murderous Intent, Wrong Number, Fall from Grace, The House on Berkley Street.

My next books coming out are, Cards Of Sin, Blood Memories, Phoenix Rising.  A Murder in her Past has been accepted but not started going through the editing process yet.

Cards of Sin released August 10th and Blood Memories will be released sometime in August. I’m waiting on the test copy now.

I’m not sure when Phoenix Rising will be out. It was supposed to come out in Sept. Xchyler recently got a new Editor and everything has to go through her

Email: kjdahlen1@yahoo.com
Web site: www.kjdahlen.com
I am on facebook and twitter as kjdahlen
My blog is on facebook at K.J.’s blog

My publishers are:
An incredible woman, with an incredible story. Thank you, K.J. for being with us today. Tomorrow, we're featuring Solstice author, Nancy Curteman with her book, Murder Down Under.