Countdown to Publication - or - Chewing my fingernails to nubs!

UPDATED: Frankenstorm won't bring me down. It may be cold and cloudy outside with a hint of rain, but ...

Later today, October 28, 2012, brings HUGE news. Stand by!

I must say this last year has been new experience after new experience. I had no idea what signing a book contract meant when I affixed my name to one, but I've learned.
First, there was sitting down and figuring out things like the back cover blurb (oh, the author does this – I never knew!). Then came the input for the cover art (and here I thought all along the artist used either the synopsis or back cover blurb for this!). Then it was time to sit back and wait for the editor to contact me, to begin the process of getting my book ready for publication.

Well, I'm no stranger to hurry up and wait. Eleven years in the Air Force taught me the military is a master at this art. So, I decided, a week into last November, to go ahead and do NaNoWriMo. To my amazement, I finished NaNo with another contemporary teen book I've spent most of the last year editing. It's now glaring at me to put the finishing touches on it.
Of course, that only took care of November, and here I was in December with nothing to do. Ah ha! A new short story for the Mystery Times Nine Anthology. That was fun. The story is about an eighteen-year-old girl who not only sees ghosts, she has to help them figure out who burned their homes and businesses with them inside – so they can leave the earthly plane. My heroine had a bit of help from the spirits of her family, who had all met rather fiery ends. The news I'd yet again been invited to be part of a fabulous teen anthology had me dancing the happy dance for hours. Another round of hurry up and wait, but the surprises came fast and furious early this week, when the cover released on October 22, 2012 and later that day, the preorder link was up on Amazon.

Come January, and I was again chewing on my fingernails. I really needed something to distract me, but nothing came to mind. But I did spend a lot of time revising a couple of old manuscripts. They're now in the hands of editors and hopefully will soon bring more joy.

Thankfully, the first round of edits showed up in mid-February, because I was at a total loss what to do next. I whizzed through those edits in a couple of hours and then stopped to look everything over. Back to the editor, and the problem of figuring out how to fill the time.

There were more edits in March, and I dove into other projects. My desk is piled high with all the new things I've come up but are half finished. Next on my agenda now is to make out a very in-depth list of what I have to do and when I plan to finish it. Book reviews helped pass some of the time until I got the next round of edits in April and more waiting and fingernail chewing until the last round showed up in June.

April first had me jumping through hoops and promoting The Best of Frontier Tales, an anthology of thirteen western tales of life in the late nineteenth century. I learned how to do library visits, the keep smiling despite the urge to run fast from all those strange faces. I even attended an ABATE meeting, and did well there.
Now I'm through with the proofreading and waiting for the actual release. Am I sitting back? Nope. I went over all I had to do and decided, after six years of agonizing over plot lines, characters, and word counts, I wouldn't be doing NaNo this year. Far too much going on in November.

But I am working on not one but two new projects while also resurrecting an old project with a different twist I believe will make it work.

Which brings me to this point. I haven't sat back and gnawed away all my fingernails during the wait for publication. Oh no! First, I contacted a wonderful company in September. A week and a half of constant emails, viewing drafts, and finally I had a book trailer for Softly Say Goodbye. I also had a very put out teen, who had wanted to do the book trailer for me. Put out until he viewed the video that is. His comment, I could never do anything this good, made me proud of him. He's even promoting the video and wristbands we're giving away at his school. I think every member of the marching band has one of the wristbands.
The book trailer is enjoying many hits, and has picked up a lot of promotion through Twitter. The five to ten minutes I spend there every morning has garnered a lot of interest in this book. Then I had the perfect moment, the one thing I needed to bring my book to the attention of everyone where I live. Eight young men were arrested for underage consumption of alcohol at the end of September. Oh, I thought long and hard about using this as a tie in to my book, but the theme is teen drinking, and what better time to approach the local newspaper. My gambit worked, and the interview I did last week appeared in the October 24, 2012 edition of the Walker County Messenger, but it's not online. Hopefully soon.

Halloween approaches in the coming week. I wonder if this is when my book will release. Or will that happen sometime prior to November 19, 2012, when Mystery Times Nine releases. There is still so much to do, but I'm hoping this all comes together soon. There are far more stories ready to jump onto my computer screen.


Unknown said…
So that's what you've been up to!
KC Sprayberry said…
Definitely. And there's more. Stay tuned!
G. B. Miller said…
Got all kinds of slices of pie sitting on your plate, just waiting for you to dig in.

Hopefully more things start dropping soon.
KC Sprayberry said…
Those have been dug into, George. But everyone who knows me, also knows I have a dozen or hundred projects in the wings.

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