Giving Back

When I signed my contract with Solstice Publishing, I made myself a promise – I would donate some of my royalties to a charity. But I had no idea how to do this and get people to purchase my book so I could. Then, Sunday afternoon, my publisher seemed to read my mind.

The above link is to a page where you can purchase Softly Say Goodbye, and I'll know exactly how many books have been sold. Then I'll take 10% off the top of my royalties and donate it to the Salvation Army.


Why did I choose this noble charity? The reason is perhaps the simplest in the world. They only use 12% of their annual income for management and the general council. The other 88% goes to those they serve.

I've researched the other organizations, and they keep too much of each dollar for their management. That's not giving back to the community, something I believe in deeply. So, your purchase of Softly Say Goodbye will help these people with their worldwide mission. Thank you for helping me give back for the tremendous luck I had in getting this story sold.


Ramey Channell said…
I think this is a wonderful choice! The Salvation Army is a great charitable organization. I'm proud of you!
April Erwin said…
What a fantastic plan, Kathi. Love it.
Unknown said…
Sounds like a great idea Kathi!
Unknown said…
I was the unknown- google has forgotten my identity - Donna
KC Sprayberry said…
Thanks, everyone. Good to see you again, Donna!

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