Review: Ghostly Clues by: Kay LaLone

Sarah Kay Tufts smells lilacs at her grandma's funeral – but no one else does. Then she hears a familiar, beloved voice, and knows her grandma is still with her. This is the second loss twelve-year-old Sarah Kay has suffered, but then clues rise about her father, thought dead for ten years. Can Sarah Kay unwind the clues offered through love from a ghost? Will she discover the reason her father may not be dead, and will she forgive him?

Kay LaLone weaves a story of love, loss, and turning thirteen in a tale of a young girl coming to grips with what she knows, and what the actual truth is. Ghostly Clues is an easy read, with a believable almost teen struggling to discover the mystery behind her father's loss, while also coping with the death of her beloved grandmother. LaLone leads the reader through the story by using the scent of lilacs as an indicator of Grandma's visits to her grieving granddaughter. Even when Sarah Kay disobeys her mother and searches out her paternal grandparents, the clues never stop coming. The reunion with a father who had to fake his death is sweet, as is the ending. I highly recommend this story for eight to twelve year olds, in addition to their parents.

I have known Kay LaLone for many years. We have been in not one but two critique groups together. She and I have agonized over our work, edited and re-edited, and both of us rejoiced for the other when we received contracts within months of each other. To see one of the books she put up for critique so long ago as a book brings me great joy.

Check out Kay LaLone's fabulous paranormal mystery here: Ghostly Clues
Congratulations, Kay. May this be only the first of many books.