Mystery Times Nine - The Shame of West Landry

Tomorrow marks the release of Mystery Times Nine from Buddhapuss Ink. This year's anthology contains my story, The Shame of West Landry.


Like all my contemporary stories, The Shame of West Landry happens in the town of Landry, Georgia. Landry is in the northwest part of the state, a small town where residents struggle to raise their children, and also maintain their history, dating back to before the Civil War. Residents who have read my stories recognize Landry as the place where I live, and it is to a degree, but it also contains elements from every place I've visited or lived.

In this story, Bree Sandowski must use her ability to communicate with ghosts to solve a mystery going back to the summer of 65 – that's 1965. During that particular summer, her great-uncle, Jack, newly returned from duty in Vietnam vanished right after the historic West Landry Grocery Store burned. Rumors abounded from he had done the deed to he'd witnessed the arson and was killed to hide the identity of the criminal. His best buddy, Joe Jackson, also disappeared that hot, sultry night where a far off war claimed American's attention.


Now, nearly fifty years later, the Mars Theater blazes on a hot summer day. This is just the latest in a string of arson fires that have ravaged homes and businesses in the least appreciated area of Landry, Georgia. Bree is at a loss to explain why she's never solved the mystery, and now the ghosts she's always depended on for assistance won't speak to her. Then a voice springs from the center of the blaze firefighters work hard to control, a voice from the past she never knew, but one in the crowd does. This ghost demands for those of West Landry to stand up and speak of what they know.

Bree learns Joe Jackson has returned to town, but he's another victim in the growing number of residents murdered by what she suspects isn't one but three arsonists – all from the same family, and trusted by most in Landry!

Solving this mystery nearly kills Bree when she becomes the target. To discover the answer to her mystery, and eight others, order your copy of Mystery Times Nine today at the link below. This would make an excellent Christmas gift for the teen who loves mysteries!