Piercing the Fold: Surfacing the Rim

As an author, I meet many, many other authors. And I recently had the great luck to meet Venessa Kimball, author of the Piercing the Fold series. I reviewed the first and am now proud to present my review for the second book in this absorbing young adult fantasy series.

See for yourself with the review for the exciting second book, Surfacing the Rim:

Jesca, Nate, and Ezra return in this second book of the Piercing the Fold series. They have a multi-fold mission this time, and a timeline that scares them for failure isn't an option. A world changing event is approaching and they have no idea how the change will affect humanity.

Kimball's tale of a group of Dobrian guardians protecting Earth from Sondians determined to consume humanity is captivating from the beginning. The personalities shift and meld into new friendships, show their determination to follow through with their mission, and are ready for anything – or so they believe.

There are surprises, moments of "I never saw that coming!" Mostly this is a tale of religion and science coming together taken to the next level. The scientific information is revealed in a way most teens will understand.

Venessa Kimball stretches her storytelling muscles in this latest installment far, and succeeds in Surfacing the Rim. The reader is immediately caught up in the suspense of will Jesca and Nate take their relationship to the next level, and will they be able to stop the collision of Earth and Andromeda? What effect will this collision have on humanity? Nothing is clear as the people we came to love in Piercing the Fold return to solve the next problem on their radar.
Here's the biggie. Venessa created a very special YouTube video. These are the people she wants to play her characters if it ever comes to a theater near you:
What would a fabulous tour such as Venessa is running be without a giveaway - Book 1 of the Piercing the Fold series.
What do you think? Does this book sound like something your teen might want? Or something you might want to read?
Venessa is giving away an e-copy of Piercing the Fold Book 1 to one lucky commentator!
All you have to do is leave a thank you comment on this post … preferably one that an over-the-top gush about how great her book is and thanking her for her generosity.
Giveaway open today only!
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So, check out Piercing the Fold Book 2: Surfacing the Rim today!


I would absolutely read this book, have read the first. Have a teen daughter who will be reading these books... and am even recommending them to the Teen Book Club at the library.
Venessa ROCKS! KC thanks for a swell review :)
i read the frist book and totaly loved it and will be so buying the second book as soon as its out ,so carnt wait
Leah Rae said…
Waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail. Must see where this story leads.
Whitney Baer said…
Reading the first. <3 What drew me in was her attention to the fans. She shows a great deal of care to all her readers and their happiness. I will continue spreading the word about her books!
Tracy said…
I am reading the first book now and loving it. Can hardly wait the two days til Piercing the Fold - Surfacing the Rim is out!