Blitz: My Two Uncles

Today on Out of Control Characters, we bring you the first of two fabulous books available for kids. This one is about living in alternative family situations, My Two Uncles by Jeff Rivera.
Here's where you can find this book:

Look at this interview with Jeff Rivera for all you need to know about My Two Uncles:

Jeff Rivera is an author and inspirational media personality. He has appeared on national television, radio and print in such outlets, The Boston Globe, Publishers Weekly, Right On! Magazine, Rotarian Magazine, TMZ, WABC, WNBC, WCBS, SITV, American Latino and NPR.
His humble beginnings of living in American poverty on welfare and food stamps as the child of a single mother, to his days living in his car and final rise to becoming a published author, journalist and media personality have inspired many.

Finally, here's where you can find Jeff on the web:

Whether you live in an alternative family or are interested in explaining one, this is the book for you. Thanks for stopping by, Jeff, and we hope your book does well.


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