Review: Flash by Barbara Morgenroth

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First. let's get to know a little about Barbara Morgenroth:

Barbara was born in New York City and but now lives somewhere else.  Starting her career by writing tweens and YA books, she wound up in television writing soap operas for some years.  Barbara then wrote a couple cookbooks and a nonfiction book on knitting.  She returned to fiction and wrote romantic comedies.

When digital publishing became a possibility, Barbara leaped at the opportunity and has never looked back.  In addition to the 15 traditionally published books she wrote, in digital format Barbara has something to appeal to almost every reader from Mature YAs like the Bad Apple series and the Flash series, to contemporary romances like Love in the Air published by Amazon/Montlake, and Unspeakably Desirable, Nothing Serious and Almost Breathing.

You can find out all about Barbara here: Blog


She’s been pretending to be 18 for so long, it feels like the truth.

When the only way for 15 year old photographer, Kip Chanin, to earn a living is as paparazzi, she can’t say no. Kip’s first photo is of Alex Milne, the handsome and volatile young actor. That one photo changes both their lives. Kip finds herself challenged to be a better photographer, a better daughter and to be a better friend. For someone used to getting by on her own, this could be Kip’s biggest lesson. The second biggest--You do what you have to in Hollywood to survive



Kip Chanin will tell you she's eighteen, but the truth is she's almost sixteen. She's a photojournalist – not a paparazzi – in the LA celebrity scene, trying to keep her and her mother – a wannabe actress – afloat in a town not known for it's empathy. One night, searching for the one shot that will get her notices, she captures Alex Milne leaving a club, and gets the attention she wanted from an agency that pushes her to get more of those paparazzi type shots, much to her disgust, but the rent has to be paid, and food is a necessity, so she goes on the hunt. Alex tracks Kip down and they begin an uneasy relationship, which leads to an introduction to his agent. The agent, Shari Felder, rescues Kip when one of her mad plans to get the perfect shot goes awry. Thus begins an adventure that has Kip living in a more stable home, her mom getting work in Hollywood, and a relationship with the drop dead gorgeous Alex, who may or may not be affected by the Milne family curse in addition to an unsolved eighty-year-old mystery.

Barbara Morgenroth writes this novel in a staccato style that has the reader enthralled from the first page. The doors to a glamorous world that is far from glamorous to those who've tried and failed are opened, and they reveal the glitz and seamy underbelly of a world many a teen has longed to join. No punches are pulled at how it's hard work, and sometimes connections, that bring the lucky breaks, and the reader will find themselves cheering for Kip as she attempts to maintain the lifestyle she's used to. The opportunity to work with a world famous photographer putting together her memoirs also gives Kip the opportunity to learn so much, and discover the true story about her father, and her mother's undying devotion to a rock musician who took a final step many years ago. The mystery Kip finds herself involved in proves difficult to solve, as most of if not all of those involved are long dead, but she pushes on, and also finds herself feeling for Alex's older brother, who may destroy all the good Kip has found in her life.

Flash is a mature young adult novel that opens a teen's eyes to the less than glamorous lifestyle most of Hollywood lives, and gives her an opportunity to work hard to achieve her goals. Morgenroth weaves a compelling tale without adding glitter to a harsh life. The maturity of this novel doesn't come from sex or profanity, but from a growing up experience that may rip from Kip the security she has finally found in her life. I highly recommend this novel for all teens and their parents.
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