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It's the Book of the Week – and this week it's all about Softly Say Goodbye!


Today, I'll be talking about the consequences of underage drinking. Why this subject? It's such a downer. Why can't I get on something more fun … like the latest craze in skinny jeans, or the cute tops that go with them? Why can't I focus on what's cool in piercings? Why talk about getting drunk and what can happen to you afterward? That's so down.

It sure is a downer. You'll probably roll your eyes and say this isn't something you need to think about. Why should you? It's just a little beer. Right? Drugs are a worse problem than booze. Right?
Wrong on both counts. Alcohol is the worst problem teens face, according to S.A.D.D. (Students against Destructive Decisions). According to their website, nearly three-quarters of all teenagers (72%) have consumed alcohol before they graduate high school. This includes anything from a single sip to binge drinking. That's 7.2 students out of 10 who have had a drink. Still don't think it's a problem?

Let's explore what happens to you if you happen to get caught underage drinking. Then you can decide if that's how you want the rest of your life defined.

 So, you're at the hot party of the year. You're in a field, on a beach, hiding at a friend's house that happens to have the coolest parents in town. There's a keg, an open bar, a veritable treasure trove of cases of beer for everyone to grab without someone making you feel bad. And then suddenly, there are flashing blue lights everywhere. Cops are arresting everyone. For having a party. For getting drunk. Those cops must not have much of a life. They just ruined your fun.


Well … those cops probably have a hundred better things to do than run a bunch of drunken teenagers to the jail. Oh yes, that's right. You're going to jail. That means you get to make a brand new fashion statement.
The first thing that you'll notice is how badly handcuffs fit around all your cool bracelets.

No more skinny jeans with a belly-revealing shirt to show off your navel piercing. Nope. All that goes into a bag, to be retrieved when you leave your new home. You get a wonderful, fashion friendly (if you love jail wear) jumpsuit, or pants and shirt, to put on. Now, no one looks good in orange, or vertical black and white stripes. Blue isn't too bad, but still – everyone else is wearing the very same thing!

After having the worst picture of your life taken by someone who doesn't care if your hair looks like you stuck your finger in a light socket, you'll have to think clearly enough to roll your fingers over a scanner. Then you get to sit in the drunk tank with the nasty bum from outside a local bar. Your next stop is the courthouse. A judge might take pity on you, since you've just had such a horrible experience but …

That's not likely to happen. Your best bet is the judge will give you community service. Oh yeah. You get to clean up trash along the highway with the other drunks. Better hope your friends don't hear about this. They'll probably drive by and get all these cool shots on their cameras to post on Facebook. Or tweet about your misery. Even worse, you're stuck with all these old people drunks. So not cool! Oh, did I mention how you get to advertise what you did?

Once you're finished with this, another reality really bites. You no longer have a driver's license – anywhere from six months to a couple of years. No more going up to the mall with your buds. No more hanging out just having a good time. After the embarrassment of what you just experienced, are you ready to look at that same judge for driving on a suspended license? I thought not.
Unfair you say? Well, it just gets better and better. There is the little issue of a criminal record that can and will ruin your chances at a decent college or university. This record will probably also blow off that great career you had planned for the future.
So, ask yourself this. Is it worth it now to head on over to that party? Are you ready to face the consequences of getting completely plastered? You won't find much pity from your parents, or the cops responding to the party, or EMTs called for the person who had way too much, or doctors and nurses. A judge is definitely not going to listen to your pathetic excuse that everyone does it. Your best bet to avoid this problem is stay away from the drinking parties.
The book I wrote on underage drinking, Softly Say Goodbye, explores some of these issues, from the standpoint of one teen taking on the problem in her high school through social media.

Erin Sellers, an eighteen-year-old high school senior, hates teen drinking. She and her three friends – Bill, her guy, Shari and Jake - decide to use Twitter to stop a group, the Kewl Krew, from using their high school as the local bar. But the members of this group are just as determined to stop anyone from messing up their fun. Despite veiled threats to her safety, Erin continues her crusade.
You can find Softly Say Goodbye here:


KC Sprayberry started writing young, first as a diarist, and later through an interest in English and creative writing. Her first experience with publication came when she placed third in The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge contest while in the Air Force, but her dedication to writing came after she had her youngest child, now in his senior year of high school.
Her family lives in Northwest Georgia where she spends her days creating stories about life in the south, and far beyond. More than a dozen of her short stories have appeared in several magazines. Six anthologies feature other short stories. She has three books that are Amazon best sellers: Softly Say Goodbye, Who Am I?, and Mama's Advice. Her other novels available are: Take Chances, Where U @, The Wrong One, The Ghost Catcher, Family Curse … Times Two, Who Am I?, Grace, and Secret From The Flames.