Spotlight: Beneath the Mayan Moon by: Angela Burke

Welcome to Angela Burke, author of Lucidity and Beneath the Mayan Moon, and a fellow Solstice Author. Today, Angela will talk about the Be Yourself Conundrum!

The “Be Yourself” Conundrum
By Angela Burke

        “Just Be Yourself” they say.  I hear it.  I say it.  But I don't feel it.  Turn on the television...the internet...grab a grocery store check-out-stand on any social media site...and they will tell you who to be.  The conundrum is that when we are told to be ourselves, we search for what that means.  We panic, realizing that we don't know the answer.  We pick an identity.  We choose a theme.  We try some out.  Some of them stick...some do not.  And then we become even more confused.  Who the hell am I?
        The more we search, the more messages are thrown in our path.  It's hard to ignore the influx of advertising that bombards us minute.  We tell our children, just be yourself, and then we hold them to rigid rules.  Rules that by society should never be broken.  And depending on what part of the country you live in, the rules vary and change. 
        So how do we pull ourselves out of the muck, strip ourselves down to bare naked vulnerability and find out the true nature of our souls?
        I really don't know.  Honestly.  I don't.  But what I do realize is that when you follow your heart...your deepest intuition...and you do what “feels” right, ignoring all of the other subliminal -charged will find a glimmer of yourself.  The one you remember as an eight year old child who didn't know anything other than the smell of fresh air, sunshine and grass-stained jeans.  I know that girl...
        And so as with life, to be yourself as a writer involves returning to the love.  The love of conveying words, rearranging thoughts, retrieving your imagination no matter how suppressed it has become, and playing so that the true art of writing shines through.  There are no formulas in this world.  No “writing rules”.  Forget about deleting adverbs, writing in only one POV and worrying about adding too much back-story and just write.  For the love of God, just write.  Find a style that is “you”.  And the rest will follow....  

        “We are constantly invited to be who we are.”   -Henry David Thoreau  

        Angela Burke is the author of LUCIDITY and BENEATH the MAYAN MOON.  She lives in Boulder, Colorado and enjoys running, skiing and taking long hikes in the mountains. A former teacher, she now spends her time building her massage therapy practice, while chasing after her three great kids and daydreaming up new story ideas.
        You can find her at, on the Solstice Publishing website, Facebook and Twitter.  Her books are available on Amazon.

BENEATH the MAYAN is FREE December 1-5 on Amazon -  


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