Evil Eyes Release Week - Stalkers in College!

Welcome to Stalker week on Out of Control Characters. Each day, we will feature stories from those who have experienced this terror, or opinions on the problem of stalking. Also, there will be a blog tour going on, that you can keep up with here:  K.C. Sprayberry on Facebook


This particular theme is to announce the release of my latest book, Evil Eyes, on March 17.

The people sharing these stories wish to remain anonymous, and I can understand why. So we're only identifying them by one central theme in the tale.


The College Experience:

My freshman year of college, I stayed around on a long weekend, too broke to go home. A few friends of mine ended up partying with other random people left behind on the weekend. After a few too many drinks, I left the bonfire to go to the bathroom. Upon entering, one of the guys I knew from another floor of my dorm followed me in, throwing me up against the wall and kissing me, pawing my body…all before I could comprehend what was happening. I pushed him away and staggered off, too confused to know what to do. This guy continued to follow me, coming to my dorm room at odd hours, especially when he knew my roommate was gone. He would plead for me to be his girlfriend, and stand at the door telling me he knew I was in there…to let him in the room. I would huddle in the dark, stiff as a board until he would go away. Eventually, I got so nervous I would run into him, I started calling friends to escort me to the girls’ bathroom on my floor, afraid he would corner me again. I was never brave enough to stand up to him or tell anyone how I was feeling. After a couple of weeks, he moved on to someone else, and stopped coming to my floor altogether. Now that I am older, I wished I would have handled things differently, but the power of a stalker is intimidating to a young girl, and it’s amazing what you let happen, trying to make excuses for the behaviors. I always turned the blame on myself, a common mistake. I have a ten year old daughter now, and I am going to tell her my mistakes, so hopefully she never has to go through the same thing herself.


Author Bio:

KC Sprayberry started writing young, first as a diarist, and later through an interest in English and creative writing. Her first experience with publication came when she placed third in The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge contest while in the Air Force, but her dedication to writing came after she had her youngest child, now in his senior year of high school.
Her family lives in Northwest Georgia where she spends her days creating stories about life in the south, and far beyond. More than a dozen of her short stories have appeared in several magazines. Five anthologies feature other short stories. She has three books that are Amazon best sellers: Softly Say Goodbye, Who Am I?, and Mama's Advice. Her other novels available are: Take Chances, The Ghost Catcher, Family Curse … Times Two, Secret From The Flames, Where U @, The Wrong One, Pony Dreams, and Grace.


Lisa is so ready for a break from the grueling first semester of college. Along with five other friends, she returns to Landry, and hopes to have nothing but fun. Within days, one of the group is the victim of a vindictive stalker, and Lisa herself is now in the man's sights. No matter what she does, she can't shake this person.
Fred has a little problem, but he figures he can take care of it himself, if he achieves fame with his folk rock band, Olney-Oak Lane Sounds. Then he happens to see this beautiful woman, who turns out to be just like every other woman he's met. He takes care of her, and is immediately drawn to Lisa. No one will get between Fred and Lisa, absolutely no one.
On Christmas Eve, Lisa has to fight for her life and sanity after Fred kidnaps her. She turns out to be very different from the other women, in a way he never figured.


A man stands inches from her. She didn't hear him coming. Christine cups her burgeoning belly, fear drying her tongue to the roof of her mouth.
"Whore!" The man points at her belly. "We had a committed relationship, and you screwed another man. There's the evidence right in front of my eyes. You're nothing but a whore."
His eyes scare the life out of her. They're dead, soulless, compelling. She can't move, no matter how much she wants to.
Tears wash her face. She's trapped, with nowhere to turn, but to dive into the lake and try to swim before the freezing water paralyzes her muscles. That would mean endangering her baby. She can't move, can't put this little life in so much danger. Yet, she's in danger from this man approaching her step by step.