Review: Forget Me Not by Stacey Nash

Out of Control Characters welcomes Stacey Nash and her book, Forget Me Not. Check out my review below. This looks like a great read for teens!


Since her mother vanished nine years ago, Anamae and her father have shared a quiet life. But when Anamae discovers a brooch identical to her mother's favorite pendant, she unknowingly invites a slew of trouble into their world. When the brooch and the pendant are worn together they're no longer pretty pieces of jewelry -- they're part of a highly developed technology capable of cloaking the human form. Triggering the jewelry's power attracts the attention of a secret society determined to confiscate the device -- and silence everyone who is aware of its existence. Anamae knows too much, and now she's Enemy Number One.

She's forced to leave her father behind when she's taken in by a group determined to keep her safe. Here Anamae searches for answers about this hidden world. With her father kidnapped and her own life on the line, Anamae must decide if saving her dad is worth risking her new friends’ lives. No matter what she does, somebody is going to get hurt. 

Fiction is Fact. Know the Truth.

About the Author:

Stacey Nash writes adventure filled stories for Young Adults in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres. When her head isn’t stuck in a fictional world, she calls the Hunter Valley of New South Wales home. It is an area nestled between mountains and vineyards, full of history and culture that all comes together to create an abundance of writing inspiration. Stacey loves nothing more than spending her days being a stay at home mum with the flexibility of writing when inspiration strikes.


Anamae longs for her missing mom. She hangs on to slippery memories with a forget me not necklace and discovers a brooch that matches the pendant. Together, these pieces of jewelry drag her into a fight to overcome The Collective.

Stacey Nash has brought us an excellent tale of loss and searching for the truth. The mystery surrounding Jax adds to the suspense as a group of teens ignore the orders of the adults with them and go after a group bent on world domination. While the middle sagged a bit, Nash whipped everything into shape and left open an ending that has a mild promise of a sequel.
This book is an interesting tale with paranormal elements. I recommend Forget Me Not for young adult readers.

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