Southern Belles – Too Many Expectations

Delilah in An Ordinary House spurns the affections of a suitor when he presents her with family jewels to pledge his troth. Little does this Southern Belle realize that her scornful rejection will almost bring about the ruination of two families.

Just why did Delilah reject the young man desiring to make her his wife? His ancestry of course. He was French Creole, and she knew she would be ruined in society if she married someone with tainted blood.

Now, before everyone blows all ballistic, this was the era in which Delilah lived. She was brought up as a Southern Belle. Expectations for her were high. She might have donned pantelettes, corset, hoop skirt, a wide-brimmed straw hat, and gloves no matter what time of year it was, but she had to make sure the sun didn't tan her skin for fear of being thought part of the working class.

A Southern Belle was taught from the cradle that she had only one job. It was her duty to her family to find a respectable young man, and he must come from a good family without any taint whatsoever. All this was to accomplish the goal of being a good wife to her husband, to appear in polite society, and maintain a home others spoke of in envy. Most of these young women worked far harder than anyone else in their home, but had to appear as if they had just finished powdering their nose and thought of nothing more serious than what she'd serve at an afternoon tea.

Being one of these delicate flowers of the south required the strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Solomon, and the craftiness of a military general planning a major battle. These young women couldn't display too much intelligence, nor could they protest their lot in life. They accomplished what was expected of them for only one reason – to gain acceptance by society and their families.

A curse brought about by a shallow, bigoted ancestor for refusing the hand of a French Creole man in 1838, and then keeping his ring haunts Kylie Swanson. To enable her family to gain access to the ancestral home, Kylie must find the ring, as no Swanson woman can enter without being caught between the living and non-living. But Kylie is busy with an annual festival, and can't think of anything else, until someone entices her mama to go inside Delilah's House. Now, Kylie, and her guy, Michel, must find the ring, so she can return it to him, as he is one of the last of Henri DuBlucet's ancestors. Can Kylie do this, and all else expected of her, before the sun sets and her mama is doomed to stay in the house until another member of her family steps forth and vows to break the curse.

What appeared to be a perfectly ordinary house sat beside a hard-packed dirt road in Landry, Georgia. The home was in the current antebellum style, the modern columns sparkling white in the bright sunlight.
A beautiful young woman of eighteen years provided passersby with a glimpse of all that was right with Southern women. Her dark as midnight hair tumbled from a Grecian style fastened with a beaded blue clip, to match the silk of her dress. A parasol held in her right hand twirled in the sunlight, protecting her porcelain skin. Dark lashes lowered gently and then rose, revealing bright as noon blue eyes. Even the mole on her right cheek added to the gentle beauty of this girl child becoming a woman. Nothing was noticeable to detract from the beauty of one of the South's greatest assets.

About the Author:
KC Sprayberry started writing young, first as a diarist, and later through an interest in English and creative writing. Her first experience with publication came when she placed third in The Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge contest while in the Air Force, but her dedication to writing came after she had her youngest child, now in his senior year of high school.
Her family lives in Northwest Georgia where she spends her days creating stories about life in the south, and far beyond. More than a dozen of her short stories have appeared in several magazines. Five anthologies feature other short stories. She has three books that are Amazon best sellers: Softly Say Goodbye, Who Am I?, and Mama's Advice. Her other novels available are: Take Chances, The Ghost Catcher, Family Curse … Times Two, Secret From The Flames, Where U @, The Wrong One, Pony Dreams, and Grace.


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