Review: P.S. I Killed My Mother by Stephanie Campbell

Today, I'm reviewing a wonderful YA novel by Stephanie Campbell, P.S. I Killed My Mother. First, though, let's learn more about this wonderfully talented author.

About the Author:
Stephanie Campbell had her first book published at the age of seventeen. Now, at twenty-one, she is still wacking away at her computer, one day at a time. When she isn't reading or writing, she likes to dance, take karate lessons, and run. After all, you never know when you're about to be sucked into another world.

Whitney has been abused all of her life. One day, when her mother hits her, she fights back. Unfortunately, her actions lead to the death of her mother. Whitney grows so frightened of what she has done that she is forced to cover up the crime. Soon, as the police begin to track down the murderer, Whitney is forced on the run and her life changes forever.

Whitney Cooper kills her mother. Years of physical and emotional abuse at this woman's hand have driven Whitney to a self-protection mode during a particularly brutal beating and she can't take it any longer.
Stephanie Campbell takes her reader into the dark world of child abuse, and the effect on the child. Her at times curt and emotionless portrayal of Whitney gives some insight into the protective measures these victims take in order to survive in a world they see as uncaring of their needs.
From the first word, I was hooked on this novel. The violence with which Whitney lived resonated against my most basic instincts. Whitney's guilt over her actions brought sympathy for a teenager forced into a horrendous act when no one around her – teachers, her father, the police – none would recognize the raving madwoman attacking a child. The realism of Whitney's reaction to the act, the numbness felt throughout the time she ran from what she thought would be everyone's reaction to her act, and her recovery all provide the reader with moments of tears, soft smiles, and finally laughter.
I highly P.S. I Killed My Mother for all readers, no matter what their age.