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Today on Out of Control Characters we welcome Rochelle Campbell and her book, Fury From Hell.

Fury From Hell: A Brooklynized Paranormal Thriller Hits the Amazon Kindle Store

Brooklyn, NEW YORK, September 24, 2014 – Picture this: An atheist Brooklyn NYPD homicide detective with a checkered past holds her own future in her hands but doesn’t know it. Detective Jennifer Holden believes in only her gun and her badge but this does not serve her well when she is unwittingly possessed by a demonic entity – Fury Abatu.

Fury From Hell, a paranormal cop thriller, debuted on Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 and rose to #26 in its category in the Amazon Kindle Store within the first two weeks. This hard hitting thriller has garnered two five-star reviews since its debut citing the book as ‘a marvelous piece of work’ and that ‘every twist and turn had me sitting on the edge of my seat!’ Set in Brooklyn, NY, Fury From Hell is a sensory treat for local Brooklynites who will read, with pleasure, how familiar streets and neighborhoods become the backdrop for Holden and her cronies. For readers who live outside the isle of Brooklyn, they will be introduced to the populous borough teeming with 2.566 million people.

Fury From Hell is ultimately about good vs. evil. This first book in the From Hell series spins on Holden’s answer of whether life’s truth is ultimately based upon faith in something outside of herself, or self-determinism. As Holden’s life spirals out of her rigid control, new people, thoughts and emotions come into her life including a first-degree initiated Wiccan witch and a High Priestess, Lady Ariella.

Fury From Hell is driven by Holden’s existential question which, if answered incorrectly, will end her life. This paranormal thriller with a smattering of horror is targeted to not only the normal lovers of this genre, but also towards those who enjoy a good yarn that makes one think about what may come after we have shed our corporeal vehicles.

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