Cyber Monday

Monday, December 1, 2014 is the biggest online sales day of the year. I’ve had people tell me that books don’t sell well during November and December, so they scale back their promotions.

Really? You really believe that?

Here’s the reality. That may have been true in the past, but we are a new generation of authors. We have to pound the cyber-pavement daily, often for long lonely hours. We have the opportunity to turn things around.

The first myth we must dispel is that people don’t read any longer. People read every single day. They read labels on cans at the store, they read street signs, they read contracts, and they read credits on their favorite television program or movie. So, ordinary people read a lot, even if they don’t think about that. What we as authors must do is get them to read our books in addition to all this other information.

The purpose of Cyber Monday is to purchase gifts for others in your family or your friends. Every year, humanity is bombarded with a advertising designed to have them purchasing the  next great product. Well, let me tell you something—your book is the next great product.

Ah! Gotcha! You’re paying attention now, aren’t you?

Now you’re asking yourself what you can do to promote your book(s). Here are a few ideas that might just help you over your holiday season sales slump.

1.   Create a book trailer about all of your books. Typically, book trailers shouldn’t be longer than a couple of minutes, but you can do this, if you do nothing more than set your cover art into an image with a tag line, having them scroll past on the screen with holiday music in the background.
2.   Talk up your books on social media. Twitter and Facebook are great for the instantaneous promotion. Make sure you think through what you’ll post, so you grab your potential buyer’s attention and keep it.
3.   Do you have short stories published that relate to your book? Use them. Make sure they’re enrolled in Amazon’s KDP program and offer them for free, while having your book in the same program and using the countdown program. Make sure you bombard your social media followers on that day, so they know when they can get your book free, and when the price starts rising back to where it was.

4.   Don’t be bashful. You’re behind a computer screen while you’re doing this, so let your personality loose. Be up in their face. Become the sales person of your nightmares. Talk up your book everywhere. Never sit back. Don’t “ghost” the sales venues to see what your sales are doing. You’re going to be too busy promoting to do that.