What’s Your Next DIY Project? Part 1

It’s coming up on springtime, when we do renovations, fix that which winter has destroyed, and plan for new beginnings. Do it yourself projects abound, so what are you, as an author, planning for your next DIY project?

Now that I have your attention, just what kind of DIY project am I talking about? Why, promoting your book. Is there anything else for an author to be doing when spring is in the air? Sure it’s February, but it’s never too soon to look at how you promote your book and see what is and isn’t working.

First on the list is how you present yourself on Facebook. Okay, I have to admit that my fan page doesn’t get as much attention as it should. I just don’t know what to say on a daily basis. That goes to who I am, a very private person still getting used to this expose all world. But I do have some good ideas about what you can do to improve your fan page reach.

#SneakPeekSunday is a great way to get attention for your page. What this entails is posting something like this: #‎SneakPeekSunday, but better late than never. Thank you for tagging me, Marie Lavender. Here is a teaser from #7 on my list to complete, the opening chapter of Walk Away: Leaving, a tale set in the turbulent time from 1966 to 1973, backdropped with the Vietnam War and one young woman's determination to break out of the mold her parents have designed for her while trying to understand the changes going on in the United States and forgive her family for a long held secret. Then you add an excerpt from a project you’re working on.

#ManicMonday greets the beginning of a new week in a silly way. Monday’s are infamous for being crazed, from the time the alarm rings all the way through to collapsing back in your bed wondering just what did you accomplish. Let’s switch up that problem a little. Add another thing to do on your crazy Monday, and this one must happen before you start the mad dash to get kids to school, go to your day job, and start writing. Post a question about how to drive one of your characters mad, give them a Manic Monday moment. It can be as simple as “Kira knows who beat her older brother, Ryan, to death and why. Always a direct and outspoken person, she’s now afraid to talk to anyone. She did once. One time. But then her dad suffered a heart attack. At thirty-eight. And he was in great shape with no history of heart disease. One year after Ryan was found in the middle of Main Street. The fifth and sixth anniversaries of those events is upon her and she faces a dilemma. Who can she trust enough to prove that what she knows is the truth?

#TeaserTuesday, not to be confused with #SneakPeekSunday. It’s now time to tease your readers with a moment from your book, not necessarily from the beginning. This one comes from the middle. A bit from Reality, our #ManicMonday post could follow up here with this – Uncle Wils approaches me. Sparks fly from his eyes. He’s pissed, but so am I. “No one will ever believe you,” he says, his voice quiet, deadly. “No one.” The shakes settle into my muscles. He might be right. He will be right, if I… Reality intrudes.

#WildIdeaWednesday is your chance to preview stories kicking around in your head. This new material, things you never let see the light of day. Bring them out into the open. Let your inner author shine. Don’t worry about forcing more of the story out. Just let your ideas roost out in the open and get commentary on them. A great #WildIdeaWednesday that might shake up hump day is this – “What a loser.” The words rang in my ears and I can’t believe I said them, even as they left my mouth. Who was I to talk about being a loser? Didn’t I get into trouble for the very same thing only last week?

#ThrillerThursday is the opportunity to thrill your fans with a look at an important moment. This can come from a published novel or one still under construction. Bet you can’t guess where this #ThrillerThursday comes from – Shane! OMG! You were right. Please look for us. Keri.

#Follow-upFriday – does your book deserve a follow up? A short story, a novella to expand on the finale? Or perhaps just a couple of sentences, a paragraph or three to give your fans a peek at the future? Sure, go for it. Give them a #Follow-upFriday moment with “The F16 streaks toward the sky, afterburners lighting up the dark night, the pilot twisting to one side, his wings waggling in triumph at a successful mission.” Now, this isn’t in a book. Yet. But don’t you agree the finale of Ghost Flight would shine with a follow-up like this, perhaps a short to add to an already great albeit yet to be published book.

#ShowdownSaturday is just what the title implies. It’s showdown time. Gather your author friends. All you’re allowed to post is a paragraph, be it one line or ten. Get friends to comment, ask questions, demand answers. The one with the most engagements wins #ShowdownSaturday.

Now, these are all great ideas to get more people interested in your fan page. You won’t be posting the usual buy my book links. People will have a chance to be part of your writing process, and they’ll start looking for your books. But there is one more step for all of these daily posts. Just one, but probably the most important step.

Tag other writer friends, daring them to do as you have done. Don’t forget to add in hashtags such as #amwriting, #writing, #YA, #comingofage, #diversity, #socialchange



Anonymous said…
Great idea!
KC Sprayberry said…
Thank you. Twitter DIY next week!