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Book Release ~ The Last Revenge: Book 2 of The Last Hero Trilogy

Today, Out of Control Characters welcomes Nathaniel Danes and features his latest novel, The Last Revenge: Book 2 of The Last Hero trilogy.

To celebrate the release of The Last Revenge, the first book in the trilogy will be free on April 30! 

The Last Hero

Excerpt: He tried hiding his pain with a grim look of determination draped across his face. It was good enough to fool most people, but not Amanda. In her eyes he saw she understood that the veneer of bravado concealed a mountain of pain.             She wrapped her arms around him, the soft embrace eased his aching soul.             “I’m sorry,” he said.             She pulled back, keeping ahold of his shoulders. “Whatever for?”             He took her face into his hands. “You deserve better.” Her brown almond-shaped eyes gazed back at him. “You deserve to have a life, a real life of your own. Back on Earth’s Fist, I said our war was over, that we could settle down. Things have changed, though. I can’t quit the fight and I don’t know …

La Diva II: Several Years Later…

When last we left La Diva, she had lost her contract with her publisher. In a fit of rage, she trashed said publisher and was shunned by every other publisher. Not one to be daunted by such a trivial thing, she decided to self-publish, only to discover that she has to do the very promotion to sell her books now, but that she has no support system. Every cent earned goes into blog tours with companies who don’t listen to her suggestions, who tell her that they know far better than she how to do their business.
One thing she’s lacking with the dozen books she now has published is reviews. This is why she’s putting out money that should go to rent and other basic necessities to blog tours. The tour operators request reviewers, but very few volunteer, and most of those refuse to post their reviews, citing the lack of editing in her books. She stands by her determination to do whatever it takes to become famous… even if she has to haunt local wi-fi hotspots in order to access the internet.

La Diva I: The Non-promoting, Social Media Whiner

Let me tell you a little story about La Diva. She is not alone in my book of tales about people who throw fits about how their book isn’t selling, nor is she any one person I’ve encountered in my career.
La Diva has a job, as do most of us. She labors long and hard at that job, but does have this dream of becoming an author. La Diva spent a year putting together what she deems are a dozen of the finest books ever written. Her prowess as an author is unmistakable. No promotion for her. These books will sell themselves. Haven’t all of her friends told her this?
La Divan proceeds with her master plan, arguing against any efforts to get her to be more active on social media, to talk about her books. Month one rolls past and she’s waiting for that massive royalty check. Sure, she’s checked her rankings on Amazon, and the numbers are pitiful… in the millions, but that has to be wrong. All of her friends and family bought the book. They told her so, therefore the rest of the world has discove…

Letting Go: What It Means To Sign A Publishing Contract

You just received that coveted publishing contract and are doing the happy dance all over the place. Nothing can stop you now. You will rule the publishing world.
Excited, you scan the document, your eyes moving over those clauses that say, “must have information provided in a certain amount of time” and “publisher retains the right of final approval for manuscript or cover art.” No one will tell you to do with your book. They don’t have that right. Why, you can get that taken care of, no matter what you have to do.
As you’re staring at that document, your joy rising to new heights, you get a burst of inspiration. There are several scenes and a couple of new chapters you’d like to add to your book. Well, this publisher did say they would give you 30 days to send them the book, and you’re going to take every one of those days to fix what you now see as fatal flaws.
Of course, you have the perfect artist in mind to design the book’s cover. Nothing but the best for your first book, and you …

Self-Publishing, Traditional, or Indie

I have had the opportunity to read an article decrying the merits of self-published and indie authors several times since its publication in March 2014. I must say that whenever I read this piece of prose, I get angry on several levels.
First, the author of the article, whom I won’t identify, makes it clear from the start that he doesn’t believe that those who are indie authors or self-publish are real authors. In his opinion, only those published by the Big 5 are worthy of that title, and only those authors should be at conferences or part of the professional groups that support authors.
I would like to say that I did submit to the Big 5 publishers, until most of them decided one needed an agent to have their book cross their threshold. A bit of investigating on my part indicated that I wouldn’t make that much in royalties for my first few books, until I built a fan base. My goal was to become an author and have that be my main income source. Taking an already small royalty payment an…