Dear Bestselling Author/Marketing Maven

I got your message on Twitter last week. Kind of threw me, because you weren’t following me and I didn’t recognize your name, twitter handle, or picture. I couldn’t begin to understand why you complained that I was “spamming” your feed with buy my books links. That is, until I did a little research.

Congratulations. You’re a bestselling author. So am I. We share that. We also share quite a few other attributes, with one major glaring exception.

How do I know this?

Let’s just say that unlike you, I did my research. Now, I can’t look at your Twitter feed, since you blocked me after sending that tweet. I did find that tweet, along with the responses I couldn’t see either, on your blog. Very nice strategy for someone running a business to do what you did. I might have done the same with another glaring exception. I would have asked the person’s permission to use that kind of information. Although, I understand why you didn’t. You probably figured that I wouldn’t give my permission, and you wouldn’t have been wrong.

We’ll address that error first. See, you didn’t appear to do the research that I did before you used me in a marketing ploy to attract people looking for assistance selling their book. You offer advice they can get for free on the internet. The difference is that you charge them money for that. I don’t. In fact, I found some of your advice to be a bit different from what I give. I’d never tell an author that they can make a living after publishing five books. Really? Five years minimum to have steady sales, but I tell my authors they shouldn’t ever expect to make huge amounts of money selling book. The reason for that is the book market is saturated. To stay in people’s minds, you have to publish often. Most people don’t have a large backlog of publication ready manuscripts they can put up every month or so. Even those of us who do won’t always publish monthly.

Now to address why you didn’t do the research you should have, and how I know my posts weren’t spamming your Twitter feed because of anything I did. I visited your website as part of my research. The “About Me” section was quite informative. Both of the women who work with you were my followers. One isn’t any longer, but I did notice for the week leading up to your “Don’t spam my feed” post, she was only retweeting my book links. Not the quotes or pictures, which I tweet as much as I do my books. Just my books. Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, nor am I one to point fingers at anyone without good reason, but when one plus one equals two so well, I can’t help but wonder.

Did you actually post that tweet just to do some marketing on your side business, How to Market Books? Really? Seriously? Well, if you did, common sense dictates that you should pay me for all the customers you receive as a result of that post. It’s only fair.

Just sayin’.


It never ceases to amaze me how low some people will sink. Well done KC
Anonymous said…
I'm relatively new to Twitter so I have to say I don't know what the issue is or how it works - or does not work - I wish you'd have explained it at least to a degree where someone like me would get the idea of the 'wrong' that was done. I'd appreciate that since that would be another step on the learning road for me. The reason I'm writing this is that on Friday, for some strange reason I too was blocked on Twitter and had to 'appeal' to Twitter to un-block me. I had to supply my cell phone number and was sent an 'un-block' code into my cell. Things have been working okay since then. Now, I don't tweet too often - like I said, I'm still learning what it's about - but on Friday was my 4th free KDP day so I came home at lunch time to send tweets to those promo sites where I was promoting (paid and free promo) and where I checked that it was okay to do that. So I guess I did have unusually high amount of tweets that day - and by unusual I mean 24 as opposed to 2-3 that I normally send out. I don't know enough about Twitter to find out what it was about. I just read your blog entry and thought I'd let you know. My best and all, Edita A Petrick (I'm identifying myself here as anonymous because any other 'identity' will not let me post - regardless WHERE I want to post a reply. I've been on a blog tour these past 6 weeks and it's the same thing over and over.)
KC Sprayberry said…
Usually, when you're tweeting a lot, you can count on being in Twitter jail for a few hours if you tweet in excess of 10% of your followers. For me, that meant that I did over 1,000 tweets yesterday and was sent to jail. All was good a few hours later and I didn't have to get an unlock code.

I didn't get into specifics for a reason. That would have meant name the individual, and I won't validate what she did by letting people know about her. Keep doing what you're doing. It's working.
Jay Angel said…
Hi Kathi. Interesting to read this. Seems that the complainant was an experienced twitter, whereas us "newbies" may make mistakes without realizing it.
Jay Angel