Red Wing

Treble Anner has a seemingly perfect life. She’s the daughter of a president, who governs a country known as a Pational. The world is divided by hair color: four Pationals, four hair colors. There are the black-haired Ravens, brown-haired Doves, blonde Swans, and red-haired Cardinals. Those with streaked hair become slaves known as Gaps, or holes to a perfect society. On the annual holiday of Doves, Treble's Pational, she is proposed to, and everything about her life seems perfect, though she can't hide her deepest worries of conflict. Sure enough, a war is announced, and Treble is kidnapped from her home and taken to Cardinals, where the leaders, Loretta, Silky Voice, and Jerry, hound her for information. When things couldn't seem to get much worse, the truth is revealed, and Treble’s life and everything about it is twisted into a maze of lies and tragedy.