Flag Day ~ June 14, 2015

Flag Day is today, June 14, 2015. Most people don’t realize that today is a special day. Americans haven’t celebrated our flag in many years. 

Flag Day is always on June 14. It is not celebrated on a Monday, so that we can have a three-day weekend.

Once, Flag Day meant parades, where I along with a lot of other young girls marched along, our batons glittering in the sunlight as we displayed our skills. There were community picnics, speeches by politician.

Our flag has taken a beating in recent years. It’s time we thought again what it means to Americans.

The United States flag, in its current form, is made up of thirteen stripes, alternating in red and white. They represent the original thirteen colonies, who risked their freedom and lives to break away from England. The fifty white stars on the field of blue are for each of our states, from Alabama to Wyoming. 

What does this symbol of our country represent? The red of our flag is for hardiness and valor. White symbolizes purity and innocence. Blue represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice. These are all traits that exemplify Americans at their core.

Our flag has been there since 1776, when Betsy Ross sewed by hand the first of what would become many. 

The United States flag has been carried proudly into battle. Most, even today’s modern youth who pride themselves on not knowing much about history, can point to the statue of the soldiers on Iwo Jima raising our flag with pride and determination after a bloody battle. 

The flag has been held high at political rallies. It decorates parades in towns both small and large. It is draped over the coffins of those brave men and women who died for your freedom.

There is one other place our flag is present. 

At the graves of our servicemen and women, both at home and abroad. 

The United States flag is never flown beneath another in our country.

It is always displayed with the blue field on the left.

On days of national mourning, or to respect the death of an important person, the flag is flown at half-mast.

Our flag should always be shown respect, for if you don’t respect the symbol of your country, how can you respect your country, or yourself. 

On June 14, please take the time to remember not only those who have defended the rights of Americans, but also the flag that is the symbol of this country from the moment of her inception. There are few countries who can abuse their flag such as ours has been and not suffer a reprisal, but we believe in freedom of speech in the United States, even if we don’t agree with the speaker. Take the time to salute your flag, to remember what was sacrificed to keep this symbol.