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E.B. Sullivan is a clinical psychologist who loves to write fictional tales. She lives in California with her husband, dogs, cats, and horses. Elizabeth describes her life as a continuous and exciting adventure. E.B. Sullivan is the Solstice published author of novels Different Hearts, Bloom Forevermore, Grandfathers’ Bequest, Alaska Awakening, and novellas “Christmas Guardian Angel”, “Spotlighting Crime”, and “Visitor”.


A tragic night shatters Ava’s dreams. Forty years later, she returns to her hometown searching for the man who stole her dance fantasies. During her quest, discoveries of hope, love, and romance abound.


Dance Fantasies
by E.B. Sullivan


Rough hands groped Ava’s youthful form.

She flinched, attempting to shrug off a nightmare.

Fleshy fingers stroked her skin. She struggled to open her eyes.

Within the moonlit room, a shadowy figure loomed above her. Impossible to recognize features she stared at a faceless silhouette.

Excessive weight held her down. Putrid sweat dripped on her forehead, slid down the bridge of her nose, and onto her chin. A stench of stale tobacco reminded her of Pastor Thomas.

The foul man pulled her pajama bottoms.

An inordinate fear choked her screams. Her legs flailed kicking, hitting nothing.

The sound of an approaching car offered hope. Its flashing lights flickered against the ceiling.

Her attacker eased his grasp.

Ava sucked in her breath and managed to crawl out from under his reach. She skid across the bed and rolled onto the carpeted floor. She stood and ran toward the door.

His tallness blocked her way. He grabbed her hair yanking her close.

She struggled to get free. As she twisted, she felt his hot breath skim her cheeks. She recoiled.

His arm squeezed her torso lifting her.

She gasped for air.

Lowering her, he reached under her T-shirt. His slobbering mouth sucked her right breast.

With all her might, she pushed away from him.

His great force leaned into her causing her to stumble.

Her body grazed the open window. A slight breeze stirred the curtain. She felt the brush of soft fabric before falling down, down, down.

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