Tweet and Block ~ A New Game on Twitter

Recently, I discovered people retweeting my tweets and then immediately blocking me. How did I discover this? I retweet everyone who tweets my postings daily, and I pay attention to who is tweeting me. It’s fun for me to be on Twitter. I enjoy the connections I make there, mostly. However, there are some people who are irritating to the extreme.

For example the hit and run blocker. For some reason this person has decided they don’t like your tweets. They don’t usually hang around long enough to tell you why, they just retweet one of your tweets, hit the block button, and run. You don’t even get a chance to ask them what the problem is. You cannot see their tweets, and they don’t see yours.

Now, that’s not entirely true. There was an instance of someone sending me a direct tweet to stop cluttering her wall. Since she didn’t follow me, I’m not sure what she meant, as she blocked me as soon as she sent that direct tweet. Of course, I saw it and investigated, but couldn’t see her wall. Oh well. It’s her wall. If she doesn’t want to see my tweets, her problem. Right?

The other type of blocker is the tweet and block runner. They’ll do a retweet and block you. No reason given. You probably don’t know this person. My experience recently has been this is the first time the person has retweeted one of my posts. I don’t recognize the name. Other than the irritation of a person not liking me for no reason at all, I move on. Why waste energy on someone who doesn’t want to know you.

Twitter is a wonderful place to make connections. It’s an especially important place for authors trying to get the word out about their books. The connections I’ve made on Twitter are special to me. I love direct tweeting with them while I’m working my tweets at night. We have very interesting conversations. Several even engage in harmless and fun games with words. I’m a writer, I love words. These games are a bit of comic relief at the end of a long day. It’s so much fun that I often find myself smiling and laughing despite being bone tired. That’s what Twitter is all about.

Remember this. If you are irritated with someone, message them. Ask them if they’d please stop doing what irritates you. Or, even better, don’t follow them. Ignore their tweets. But don’t Tweet and Block. It’s not nice.