Teaser Tuesday ~ David B. Chandler ~ The Hunter's Moon


David Chandler has been writing science fiction/fantasy since his elementary school years. He has completed the Dark Testament Chronicles series, the Hunter’s Moon and is currently working on the second installment to the Great Tribulation saga. David lives in Pennsylvania, planning to finish his bachelor’s degree at Shawnee State University in January of 2015.


Colorado college detectives Malenski and Reinhart investigate the brutal slayings of two college students at an abandoned resort, which leads them into the research of Doctor Walter Gorman--a world-renowned microbiologist and genetics researcher working for an anti-terrorist task force in the United States Government. Gorman was in charge of a research project that involved the usage of the retrovirus S-12. The virus was designed to force the human body to produce a certain type of white blood cells, enhancing the immune system. But after exposing the virus to two lab assistants, Gorman later discovered that there was more to his research than he thought.


Jason Whitaker and Brian Sloan sped along Interstate 41 late Friday afternoon. The sun was starting to fall into her normal pattern of slumber , making everything ethereal. A myriad of colorful leaves were dancing among the trees almost as if waving goodnight to a friend.

Jason and Brian had been friends since grade school and they both were talented young men with promising futures.

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