Cover Reveal ~ The Beach House

Today, Out of  Control Characters welcomes Deborah Melanie, an author of romance with sugar and spice. We’re revealing the cover for her upcoming release: The Beach House, with a touch of the fun that will be in this book…

About the Author:

Deborah Melanie is the wife of a retired, semi-professional footballer. She is a mother, designer, reviewer, and published author.
Deborah’s stories are contemporary; often combining her interests in the paranormal, comedy, and food. She loves to write both sweet and erotic romance, hence her tagline: Sugar and Spice Romance.
Deborah is a keen photographer who loves to be creative. She has designed many book covers in the past, both for independent authors and for a large publishing house.


What could possibly happen when two work colleagues meet moonlight, champagne and the sound of the surf at a magical beach house? 

London solicitors Raine and Greg are working in California for a month. It could be the perfect opportunity for shy Raine to finally come clean about her attraction towards her colleague. Enigmatic Greg is the perfect English gentleman and a conscientious solicitor. Can a new and sensual environment open up a whole new world for them both?


Winter's Spirit, Vivian's Vampire ,The Good Girl, and Don't Speak; available from Solstice Publishing.

Teaching Darcie and The Beach House coming soon.

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