Spotlight ~ Maighread MacKay!

Out of Control Characters welcomes Maighread MacKay, a Solstice author from Canada.

About the Author:

Maighread MacKay is an author and visual artist from the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada.  She is a member of the Writer’s Community of Durham Region (WCDR), and the PRAC (Pine Ridge Arts Council).

Her publishing credits include three books for children:   Bedtime Treasures, The Mysterious Door and the Crystal Grove written under the name of Margaret L. Hefferman. Her novel Stone Cottage is her first foray into adult literature and will be released by Solstice Publishing on September 8, 2015. Her story “Being Santa” was accepted for publication in the 2015 Soup for the Soul: Merry Christmas which will release in October of this year. She has also published articles for a variety of magazines, including most recently, the Durham Region online magazine – More 2 Life 4 Women and the WCDR publication Word Weaver.


Victoria Anne McBride is dead, mourned and buried. Unfortunately, she doesn’t see it that way and refuses to move on. There’s something she needs to tell her husband, Will. Until she does, she will wait for his return to their home, Stone Cottage. For as long as it takes, she will wait...wait...wait.

Rebecca Wainwright is a 21st century woman. Determined, her world is perfect and in control. Just the way she likes it. Tragedy strikes and she descends into chaos. Trying to heal, she searches for a sanctuary...a place of her own, away from the burdensome concern of her family and best friend. A place where she can lick her wounds without anyone watching. She stumbles across a lovely stone home located off the beaten path and feels completely at home, as if she’d been there before. Why is she so drawn to this place? How can it help her to heal?

Perhaps, Annie can help.


I found myself so into the story, so into the characters that I cried with them.   I enjoyed the author's weave of time and relationships that are not bound by cognitive constructs but longings of the heart.  This is a good reminder that second chances are often given to reconcile such human foibles that tear apart the self's own world, in ways we can only imagine...and they are imagined in this book.  A good read. – R. Davies

Stone Cottage is the story of a successful privileged young woman who, through a series of tragedies, is forced to face her personal demons.....her journey takes her through the traditional and the non-traditional healing pathways.  Both her explorations and ultimately her discoveries keep the reader riveted.....a tale almost impossible to put down.....MacKay  has woven her magic once again.....kudos. – L. Beauchamp

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