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Wild creatures and underdog heroes race through Mark’s books and short stories. His published work for Solstice includes: the 5 Star, Halloween Book Award winning, ECTOS: The Ghost Doctor’s Assistant and Ectos 2: The Burning, as well as the haunting novella, “Ectos: Nightmare, which appears in Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. Short stories published by Solstice are “The Ice Woman”; “The Good Host”  and “Hanukkah Miracle”  which will appear in Solstice Publishing’s upcoming holiday anthology.  Predator, Ectos 3 will add to the sizzling suspense soon.
Mark’s children’s books include Welcome to Monstrovia, a comical mystery, Santa’s Speeding Ticket, (picturebook);  The Rockhound Science Mysteries series, (Learning Magazine’s Teachers’ Choice Award); and The Midnight Diet Club, (1st Prize, YA, Florida Writers Association). His stories have been honored in the Writers’ Digest, Creative Writer’s Notebook, (Journeys anthologies), Tales 2 Inspire competitions and appear in various anthologies.
Mark co-produced/hosted Author’s Beat Blog Talk Radio ~ Author Beat. A member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, the Author’s Guild, SCBWI and Florida Writer’s Association, he was founding president of the Writer’s League, and Writers4Kids, and was chief editor of Holiday Helpings, The Story Shop and the new Critter Capers anthologies, all profits donated to charity. He resides in Florida with a very patient wife, where he enjoys inspiring children to love reading and writing with school/library visits.  

Visit Mark Newhouse's website  for updates, contests, and more and Bully Stoppers Club for free anti-bullying materials.

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Blurb: Ectos: The Ghost Doctor’s Assistant
A bright grad student is forced to face supernatural dangers with the university parapsychology department to free herself of a ghost and prevent her murder. What more could a girl want?

Excerpt: Ectos: The Ghost Doctor’s Assistant

Shelly didn’t smile back. “I’m not going home. I’ve made up my mind. I'm going to do whatever it takes to be on your team, and help myself get back to normal. I'm going to hold you to your promise to help Allen, and in return I’ll work with you on your cases. I’ll become an Ectoplasmic Researcher for you.”
            “No, no, no! I simply can’t allow you to take such risks,” Dr. Lasker said, a worried look on his face. “I was wrong to even ask you. I can find another assistant. I have many names on a waiting list…people who are not being threatened with murder at every turn.”
            “But none with their own ghost to help you.” Shelly gave him a knowing smile.
            Dr. Lasker felt anxious. She was definitely not as dumb as he'd once assumed. Beauty and brains and a ghost is not a good combination, he thought. “That may have been true—“ he began.
            Shelly cut him off. “You don’t have to hide it. I know exactly what you want from me. I’m willing to give it to you, but you are going to do what you can to help Allen. That’s the deal. Take it, or all those poor people you showed me will keep on suffering, and you'll miss out on the greatest research project of your career.” She could almost taste his drool as he hungered for what having a ghost -- and her -- on his team would mean to his department, and to him.
            Dr. Lasker got out of his chair and walked to the window. From the twelfth floor where the private rooms were, he could not make out faces on the sidewalk below. All the tiny creatures moving about in their ‘ordinary’ lives, far below, were barely distinguishable from each other to the doctor -- who wished he could see who was standing next to his car and gazing up at this room. It could be Dodd, but how can I be sure? Damn that lunatic! he thought, but hid his anger from Shelly. He wanted the girl on his team so badly, but realized it would be signing her death warrant. “Shelly, I'm afraid you are not safe here.”

BLURB: WELCOME TO MONSTROVIA, a humorous mystery
Look out Sherlock Holmes and Perry Mason! Young Brodie Adkins is sent to spend the summer with his eccentric uncle, never guessing he will face a baffling mystery with a wacky cast of characters, a brave, but stubborn girl, and a hilarious surprise ending. Can you solve it?


In this scene, Jasper Doofinch is about to take Brodie on his first trip in Monstrovia and his nephew gets one of his many surprises in this very strange land:
“Stop playing with him. He won’t bite you,” Uncle Jasper says. “Now come on or wait out here until I return. I’ll only be about…four hours!”
I glance at the sky and there are those swirling serpents. I recall my uncle’s words, “You’re hardly a mouthful”. Dodging that head with its foaming mouth and mean-looking teeth, I reluctantly climb up over the tail, up into the sidecar. I don’t like this dragon eyeing me like I’m a juicy human jelly donut.
“Don’t forget your seat belt,” Uncle Jasper helps me up. “Horace won’t go anywhere unless you’re wearing your safety belt and helmet.”
“Who’s Horace?” I strap on a helmet with a dozen pointy horns butting out from its bright yellow surface. Yellow, the color of cowards. I hate wearing helmets on my bike and now I am wearing this horned yellow thing in public? No self-respecting dude would be seen in public wearing something like this!
I am about to protest, but see Uncle Jasper is wearing a black leathery helmet with large red rubber balls glued to it, a real fashion statement. I can hardly keep from laughing. “I repeat, who is Horace?”
The dragon’s head bobs toward me.
Gulp… I think I know.


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