The Balancing Act

As a multi-published author in addition to being an editor-in-chief, I have had to learn how to do a balancing act. That is, I have had to learn how to promote my books, do my job, and write new books. This isn’t something that I learned easily and often found myself forgoing writing in order to accomplish the other two jobs.

How do you, as an author, juggle the many hats we wear in the current publishing climate?

First, I learned to use auto-schedulers for my tweets. That’s not to say that I don’t spend time on Twitter daily, but I’ve reorganized how I spend my time there. Instead of stopping every hour or so to tweet about one of my books, I first used HootSuite, but later changed to Tweet Jukebox to set up my daily tweets. The reason for switch was that Tweet Jukebox offers me the opportunity to set up my tweets and allow them to decide on the time they are sent out every day. With HootSuite, I had to set up tweets for each day and what time they would go out. That often took several hours on one day of the month to get everything done.

With my Twitter promotion under control, and a spreadsheet set up so that I can easily change the tweets every month or so, I turned my attention to my Facebook fan page. That, too, could have been down through an auto posting system, but I continue to do this one each morning before I start working. Using that time to be creative allows my juices to flow. Yes, you must post to your fan page daily. And you shouldn’t always put up links and cry out, “Buy my book.” I’ve tried to pare down the buy links to twice or three times a week. In between, I use interesting pictures, cover art, and writing related memes. Other times, I’ll post about what project I’m working on, the progress being made, and give a ta-ta, back to writing farewell.

That’s not the end of boosting your fan page, as I recently discovered. You should like and then share the post you’ve just done. This will assist in boosting how many people see the post and you can eventually end up with new likes.

My blog is another thing that has had a makeover recently. Instead of concentrating solely on book releases, I am now doing Monday Blog posts about the writing world and Tuesday Teasers of other authors’ books. Plans are in the works to create a young adult #SundayBlogShare with other young adult authors. Wednesday through Saturday will be for book releases or guest posts.

Each of these things now consume far less of the little time I have for writing my books and I’ve discovered that this planning has given me what I’ve missed for so long—time to write and create new stories.

Look into what you’re doing to promote your books. If you only have one book out, this is the time to start streamlining your promotion work. If you are a multi-published author, you might find these tips very handy.


Jack Strandburg said…
Great advice, K.C. I need get back on the promotion trail and hopefully some of these tools and processes will help!
KC Sprayberry said…
You're welcome. It's all a continuous learning process.

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