The Holiday Advantage

The major holiday season is upon us. As an author, you know the rules regarding holidays in your stories, but there is something you’re neglected for years, because you write novels. Only novels, never anything else.

Shame on you. You’ve ignored the opportunity to grab new readers by not focusing on a fabulous marketing tool.

Holidays occur year round. As writers, we have the opportunity to create short stories or novellas that emphasize the different ways people celebrate them. These don’t have to be true stories, in fact, they should be based on the same imaginings you put in your books.

Right now, we are about to enter a long period of celebrations. Take advantage of what’s coming up and celebrate by giving your fans the opportunity to enjoy themselves. Here are just a few major celebrations you can create stories about.

Halloween is much bigger now than the simple trick or treat many saw as children. There is as much decorating as the Winter Holiday season. While trick or treating has changed, those who love this day go out of their way to express that in as many ways as they can think up. Homes are decorated with cackling witches, funny or scary ghosts, howling werewolves, and all other creatures that will scare the dickens out of others. Parties abound, where the theme can often include old favorites such as bobbing for apples or a haunted house theme.

Thanksgiving in November has its roots in the United States, while our neighbors to the north, Canada, have their day on the second Monday in October. This is more than a meal that leaves everyone groaning and complaining they ate too much. It’s about family, good and bad. Friends are often part of this celebration. What a great theme for a mystery or romance. Even sci-fi and fantasy aficionados will love a story about the turkey that got away, or how the kids ate up all the mashed or sweet potatoes before everyone else. The infamous green casserole can play a major role in that mystery, perhaps old Uncle Joe burying it in the backyard rather than endure another year of it.

While not official holidays, Black Friday and Cyber (Black) Monday can create tension and great storytelling material for the intrepid writer. Imagine an individual dragged out for the early sales despite their hatred of them. Pair that up with a store full of determined shoppers and you have the makings of a great comedic story.

December is rife with holidays for all cultures and religious beliefs. A simple search can come up with a very long list, where the diligent author can create several stories for their by now worn out from shopping fans who don’t want to concentrate for a full novel, but will be happy with a short story or novella.

Jump into the short story/novella scene and provide for some entertainment that will give you more fans. These fans might be what you need to grow your readership.  


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