Cyber Monday

The holidays are upon us and with them the spending frenzy that leaves most people exhausted by the end of the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Yet, there is one more day in which we spend in a crazy manner, one more time where the limits are ignored, as people attempt to find the perfect gift for those they love.

Cyber Monday, November 30 this year, is an annual celebration of the way we’ve become connected on the internet. Millions worldwide will be searching their favorite sales venues in search of the perfect gift, the one thing they couldn’t locate in the Black Friday sales or during the aftermath of that event.

Many say books are a thing of the past. That reading is no longer important in their lives. Yet, these novels can open a whole new world to a child or adult. There are tales of fun, horror, and romance available. Have you tried a story about a galaxy far, far away or a space station rife with humor? Can you imagine the world of a teen caught up in small town issues? Or a home where love really does conquer all?

All of these types and books are available from a growing number of authors who are opting to go the route of a small traditional publisher or to publish themselves. These men and women work hard daily to write their stories, to garner attention for their work, and to achieve a dream many have had for as long as they can remember.

Their lives are devoted to one objective, finding someone who discovers the novel they’ve labored over for years has spoken to a person, brought them joy, made them cry. Many an author has spent ten, twenty, or thirty years waiting to be “discovered.” And they post on social media, investigate new types of swag to give away in an effort to interest a person in their work, or sit down and reevaluate what they’re already doing in an effort to sell more books.

This is a career path all of us have chosen because of the urging in our souls to write the stories in our heads. This is a job that is as important as being a CEO of a major corporation or working in a fast food restaurant. But there is one major exception—our choice isn’t one done for economic reasons but to fill a deep desire to make the stories we’ve imagined in our heads available for an audience whose choice of method to read their books has expanded exponentially in the last decade.

No longer does the reader have to sit down with a physical copy of a book in their hands. They can now opt to pick up an e-reader (Kindle and Nook are the most popular) or even download a free reading app to their smart phone to read on the go. Those outdated magazines in the doctor’s or dentist’s office are no longer your only option to while away the time while waiting to go in for your appointment. Standing in a long line at the store to checkout? Open your reading app and enjoy a short story by your favorite new author. Searching for a way to find new authors? Check out anthologies in your favorite genre. Trying to interest your children in something other than the latest video game? Get them a book to go with that new phone, tablet, or laptop.

One other thing to remember about gifting an ebook for this holiday season. Amazon offers the option to email your gift directly to your recipient. This puts a whole new spin on the last minute give—you can send one out the day before or the day of the celebration.

Remember, Cyber Monday sales aren’t just for those hard to find at the store specials. You will soon discover a whole new option in your online sales venues—the books section. Welcome authors from the small traditional publishers or those who self-publish into your gift giving experience.