Twitter explodes with people sharing teasers every Tuesday. It’s become a fad for today’s author, and one you should indulge in. Just what is this and how to you join in with the fun?

Simple, you devise a media kit for your book and include a teaser from the first three chapters. That teaser can be a few lines, a couple of paragraphs, or even a full page. It shouldn’t be much more than that. After all, if you share too much, people won’t want to purchase your book. That’s exactly what you want to do—entice people into purchasing your book and finding out how great it is.

How do you go about setting up the media kit for your #TeaserTuesday blog? It’s actually very simple.

First you need to have your bio at the top of the page. Be sure to include a picture of yourself. Before you decide your bio is ready to visit the world, go over it. It should be short and focus on your professional life. If you want to mention that you have a partner, go ahead. You can even say that you have children, but don’t use their names.

Next, you’ll need your book’s blurb. This is also called a back cover blurb. Nitpick this over and over. A good blurb should be 125 to 250 words. It should tease and tantalize—but you should never give away any important plot points.

Between the blurb and your next item, the excerpt, you need your cover art. Make sure you have a good copy of that before attaching it to the email or inserting it into your blog. Ensure that your cover art doesn’t explode until it’s huge. If that happens, you’ll need to click on it and “grab” one of the corners to make it smaller.

You need to decide on what to use for your excerpt. I’m partial to a paragraph or two. Remember, you will be using blog space. You don’t want a long excerpt that goes on and on and on. People will be turned off. They’ll stop reading before the get to the last item

Finally, you must include your social media links. Any sales venue that carries your book needs to have a direct link to the purchase page. (Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc.) You should also have links to your Facebook fan page, Twitter feed, blog, website. Other links that are good to include are your Amazon Author page, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other site where you are actively promoting your book. Before you post or send out your media kit, ensure all of the links work.

That was pretty simple. It’s easy to assemble. Once you have volunteers who will post your except for Teaser Tuesday, ensure you have the links to their blogs. Then, when the post is live, promote them hard.


Sarah Zama said…
That sounds intersting... though at the moment I don't have a book to share.
But I don understand: would I also host teaser tuesday of friends?
Jack Strandburg said…
KC - thanks for the reminder - I actually have the media kit from one of your previous posts on my weed-on-steroids-like task list.