Books for Everyone

Books for Everyone


The Multi-Genre Author

Since I signed my first publishing contract, I’ve been placed into certain categories. Most of my short stories were young adult coming of age. Some were simply entertaining tales of adventure. Others were romantic suspense, a mystery, or even a psychological thriller. Then I moved from shorts to novels, maintaining the same genres, and adding sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, historical, westerns, and military.

I never thought anything about jumping genres, or even combining them. I write the story as it demands to be written. To my amazement, I soon found that some individuals didn’t believe an author should write outside their genre. That stupefied me because prior to writing fiction, most of my writing was technical, during my years in the Air Force. So, one has to ask, exactly what type of writer was I?

To most publishers, I was non-classifiable. They don’t understand an author who can write in multiple genres, or even combine genres in the same book. They want you to stick true to a single genre, no matter what the story demands.

Did that type of bias stop me?

Absolutely not. I forged forward, seeking a publisher who recognized that a multi-genre author is to their benefit. Multi-genre authors often have a wider perspective on their worlds. They aren’t afraid to add a bit of action and adventure to sci-fi. Their military based tale will have a strong romance element. A young adult coming of age story can also be a convincing romance. The same can be said for a western that incorporates elements of action/adventure, history, military, and a bit of romance.

What can multi-genre authors bring to a publisher? They are more diverse. We see the story from so many angles that we work harder to make them work. We’re open to trying new things, refreshing our fan base with more people who will seek out our other novels.

The biggest thing a multi-genre author is not is confused. I’ve never once been baffled by my books. The only problem I’ve ever had is getting the characters to quiet down long enough to work in those new elements and then to tweak them so they work. 


Dear Bestselling Author/Marketing Maven

I got your message on Twitter last week. Kind of threw me, because you weren’t following me and I didn’t recognize your name, twitter handle, or picture. I couldn’t begin to understand why you complained that I was “spamming” your feed with buy my books links. That is, until I did a little research.

Congratulations. You’re a bestselling author. So am I. We share that. We also share quite a few other attributes, with one major glaring exception.

How do I know this?

Let’s just say that unlike you, I did my research. Now, I can’t look at your Twitter feed, since you blocked me after sending that tweet. I did find that tweet, along with the responses I couldn’t see either, on your blog. Very nice strategy for someone running a business to do what you did. I might have done the same with another glaring exception. I would have asked the person’s permission to use that kind of information. Although, I understand why you didn’t. You probably figured that I wouldn’t give my permission, and you wouldn’t have been wrong.

We’ll address that error first. See, you didn’t appear to do the research that I did before you used me in a marketing ploy to attract people looking for assistance selling their book. You offer advice they can get for free on the internet. The difference is that you charge them money for that. I don’t. In fact, I found some of your advice to be a bit different from what I give. I’d never tell an author that they can make a living after publishing five books. Really? Five years minimum to have steady sales, but I tell my authors they shouldn’t ever expect to make huge amounts of money selling book. The reason for that is the book market is saturated. To stay in people’s minds, you have to publish often. Most people don’t have a large backlog of publication ready manuscripts they can put up every month or so. Even those of us who do won’t always publish monthly.

Now to address why you didn’t do the research you should have, and how I know my posts weren’t spamming your Twitter feed because of anything I did. I visited your website as part of my research. The “About Me” section was quite informative. Both of the women who work with you were my followers. One isn’t any longer, but I did notice for the week leading up to your “Don’t spam my feed” post, she was only retweeting my book links. Not the quotes or pictures, which I tweet as much as I do my books. Just my books. Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, nor am I one to point fingers at anyone without good reason, but when one plus one equals two so well, I can’t help but wonder.

Did you actually post that tweet just to do some marketing on your side business, How to Market Books? Really? Seriously? Well, if you did, common sense dictates that you should pay me for all the customers you receive as a result of that post. It’s only fair.

Just sayin’.


The Spirit Realm

After incidents involving a guinea pig, a plastic chair, and the principal’s office, Amira and Alicia fall into a different world called the Spirit Realm, a place filled with souls that have been kidnapped from their former bodies after death. There they meet a small army which is trying to save the souls, and Eden, a handsome, easygoing boy. The girls learn that they have the power to control and create nearly everything in the known universe, and that they could be the saviors of the Spirit Realm, with the help of new, mysterious powers. But the enemy wants Amira and Alicia on its side, too. What if one girl is destined to join the enemy? And what if she has to break her sister’s heart to do it?


Red Wing

Treble Anner has a seemingly perfect life. She’s the daughter of a president, who governs a country known as a Pational. The world is divided by hair color: four Pationals, four hair colors. There are the black-haired Ravens, brown-haired Doves, blonde Swans, and red-haired Cardinals. Those with streaked hair become slaves known as Gaps, or holes to a perfect society. On the annual holiday of Doves, Treble's Pational, she is proposed to, and everything about her life seems perfect, though she can't hide her deepest worries of conflict. Sure enough, a war is announced, and Treble is kidnapped from her home and taken to Cardinals, where the leaders, Loretta, Silky Voice, and Jerry, hound her for information. When things couldn't seem to get much worse, the truth is revealed, and Treble’s life and everything about it is twisted into a maze of lies and tragedy.



It's nothing short of the end of the world. Someone has weaponized the broadcast spectrum—gazing upon the transmission is enough to steal your mind. Kaylee Colton faces a technological Armageddon when suburbia shatters into civil war. All alone, and unable to speak, Kaylee will need to fight to survive and transcend her own fears if she is to stand against these enigmatic forces of destruction. Transfixion is an action-laced rush that will burrow straight into your brain...

A YA Sci-Fi Action Thriller