Brand Your Name ~ Part II

Once you’ve mastered your blog, Twitter, and the Facebook fan page, you need to move on to new areas where you can brand your name. Not that you give up on those social media sites, but you do need to expand into groups such as Google +, Pinterest, Authorgraph, and AUTHORSdB. These sites will allow you to connect with more readers and let people know more about you professionally.

At this point, you should be closing in on that all important release date. It’s time to start looking into places where you can talk about your book, share your blog posts, invite people to get an electronic autograph, or have all the information about your book loaded onto a single site.

Google + is a web based site where people share their thoughts, what they’re working on, and more importantly, their books. It works on the same principal as Facebook, with one exception. It’s more like an blog that is interactive all the time. Most blog sites allow you to share your work here, and that’s a good idea. Make sure you add a tidbit at the top of what you share, to gather interest so others will share your work.

Pinterest is a web based picture sharing site. Authors use it not just for their cover art but also the images they use to set up their book trailer and other interesting things, like writing based memes and pictures they find fascinating.

Signing autographs is as old as books. People are always interested in having the author add a personal message and date the signature on a print book. With the advent of ebooks, one of the things many people miss is the ability to get an autograph. That’s where Authorgraph comes in. This site, linked through Twitter, gives an author the chance to send out electronic autographs, with those personalized messages and a date if you would like to put one on there.

IMdB has been a boon to the movie industry. This massive online database gives aficionados the opportunity to look information related to movies and television shows. Now that books are available online, a new site, AUTHORSdB, is providing the same service for authors and their books. You have the opportunity to upload information about your book—the blurb, buy links, cover art, and even the book trailer—to a single site. AUTHORSdB also offers the author the opportunity to join a cover art contest, their latest news, and what services they offer other authors.

Again, these are just a few of the promotional opportunities offered to authors so they can expand their audience. Once you have learned the ways to make these work for you, start asking about sites such as Amazon Author Central, Goodreads, and Manic Readers to name a few. It’s amazing all the places where authors can go to promote their work.


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