I Want to Go Home…

Non-custodial parental abduction is a growing problem around the world. One parent decides another isn’t fit, for many, many reasons, and they vanish with the children during a court ordered visitation. Often, these non-custodial parental abductors are behind on child support and have a drinking and/or drug problem.

More importantly, they are depriving their children of the other parent. The length of time varies from a few weeks, if law enforcement catches up to them that quickly, to years, to a child never being reunited with their custodial parent.

In the United States alone, more than 203,000 children vanish every year. That’s almost 17,000 every month and 556 daily. These children are often dealt with harshly when they ask for Mommy or Daddy. Most aren’t allowed to attend school, because the non-custodial parent doesn’t have the necessary documentation to enroll them. In order to prove to the child that the kidnapper is the better parent, they are subjected to hearing awful things about why they had to leave their mommy or daddy.

Interviews with children that have been taken this way all seem to have the same theme. They miss their other parent and want to return. Those who have returned to their home are often uneasy, waiting for the non-custodial parent to take them away again. This is not anticipation, but rather acceptance that the person that subjected them to that horror only cares about their own desires and not that of their children.

Lost & Scared explores the lives of twins Keri and Shane. They know how abusive their alcoholic and drug addicted father is. Both were silent witnesses to him murdering another set of twins ten years earlier, yet they remained silent because they thought it would happen to them. Now, at seventeen, they face their worst nightmare and only their unswerving courage can reunite their family.


When their younger twin siblings were murdered by their cold-blooded father, Shane and Keri’s own twin connection deepened. Their father shamed Shane and Keri into silence, and then went on to bring four more children into a house shuddering under the weight of his unpredictable temper.

Ten years later, what should have been a regular visitation turns into a horrific nightmare. Trapped in the Superstition Mountains with an addicted and dangerous father, Keri’s faith and determination wavers, but she knows she must save her brothers and sisters and return all of them to the home they love.

She now faces one insurmountable obstacle. He can’t afford to let her go.


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