Interracial Relationships

We live in the twenty-first century. Interracial relationships have been accepted for many years. Recently, though, a certain divisiveness has made us step backward in history, to a time when the color of a person’s skin was more important than the individual’s relationships or abilities.

Love doesn’t see color. It doesn’t take divisiveness into consideration. All live is about is what’s in a person’s heart. Couples from diverse backgrounds, equally diverse races, but who have a common interest have been known to love each other without realizing it.

One particular time for this divisiveness to become more prevalent is during the holidays. It’s a time of stress. People are preparing for get togethers. They’re caught up in being happy without knowing that it’s all right to step back and take stock of what’s going on around them.

When trouble in the form of a shooting happens in an area where race relations are already strained, the potential for driving apart those who would normally go forward with their relationship is huge. They will suffer in ways they never thought possible. Their unhappiness is palpable. Nothing goes right—they’re so unhappy they think their problem is unique, when in fact it’s very common.

In An Angel Sang Tonight, Caryn and Johnson have been friends for almost twenty years. They share a love of music, and are in fact a often paired duo—she singing and he creating magic on his saxophone. Yet, as Christmas approaches this year, they find themselves unable to hear their music, unable to connect emotionally.


Christmas was almost here.

Caryn O’Brien and Johnson Angel lost the music in their lives when circumstances tore them away from each other. Together, they were a talented team, but separate, all they had were empty spaces in their souls. It didn’t help that the gulf between them was being forced open even wider by the bigotry and anger that surrounded them.

They had no way of knowing that those very things, which drove them apart, would also bring them together.


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