Teen Disappears

Teens and their parents are always at odds. It’s natural, as the child is moving toward becoming an adult and wants to try as much as they can. Some teens runaway and are caught up in the sex trade. Others just vanish without a trace, never to be seen again.

What drives a teenager to run away? Why would they leave home, a home that by all accounts is normal and allegedly happy?

It’s hard to tell. Some teens are very unhappy because they don’t feel as if they count. Others suffer quietly under verbal abuse that makes them feel like they’re less than a person. And in some instances, they’re running from other abuses they can no longer tolerate.

There are other problems teens don’t talk about, but are just as important. A marriage falling apart, even if the adults are doing their best to hide the problems, are very evident to teens. They may feel they can’t handle the loss of one parent being around all the time, or the teen might sense the parents hiding their turmoil and thinks they’re the reason behind it.

Other situations, far more nefarious, are also possible. That’s the case in Finding Mia, when a girl goes missing on the way to her summer camp. She knows her parents are splitting up. They’ve made no secret of that. What she doesn’t know is their plans for her…

Sixteen-year-old Mia remembers hearing a loud noise just before she reached her summer camp. It is her last living memory.

A year later, she haunts the place, vowing not to be lost forever. Her boyfriend, Jax, promises to find her, regardless of the bewildering obstacles put in his way. He just doesn’t know why no one wants her found. No one… except him.


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