The Interview Part 2 ~ Mannerisms To Avoid

Congratulations! You’ve arrived at your interview looking like the professional you are. The host/hostess is well taken with how you look. Now is the time to remember the rules of a successful interview as they apply to the time you’ll be on the air or speaking with a reporter.

We’ll discuss a few of these here.

  1. Check your bubblegum at the door, or more specifically, wrap and drop in the nearest trashcan. I recently viewed an interview with an actor I’ve admired since my childhood. He was chewing gum openmouthed. This is bad enough when you’re in a small group of people, but imagine your potential new fans catching this and seeing you trying to resemble a cow chewing its cud.

  1. Nothing is more disgusting than dangling bits from your nose. Always make sure that you don’t have that problem by checking your reflection seconds before going on.

  1. Posture is everything in an interview. We all slouch, but, especially in a television interview where the camera magnifies everything, it looks awful. As your mom no doubt said many times while you were growing up, sit up, be proud, and smile!

  1. If you’re facing your interviewer, be sure you make eye contact. Or with the camera, if you’re doing a television interview. This simple gesture makes the person you’re speaking with feel important, and that’s essential in helping you to gain new fans. They’ll think you believe they are an vital part of the success of your book.

  1. Talking too softly will have the interviewer asking you to speak up or repeat what you just said. It’s important that you speak in a normal voice with an even tone. Yes, the experience of being interviewed can be as scary as giving a presentation but as an author, you need to make yourself heard when you’re talking about your book. How else will everyone discover how wonderful it is?

  1. All of us do this. Those darned words just slip out of our mouths without thinking at times. Now is a good time to practice not using them. What am I talking about? Inappropriate words or cussing. Don't let the world think that you are the type of person that can’t finish a sentence without those words. Practice what you’ll say until you’ve (as the saying goes) “washed them out of your mouth.”

  1. Name calling can be construed as bullying. This is something we want to avoid the appearance of at all times. Some interviewers can be irritating. They can step all over your last nerve. Instead of lowering yourself to their level by popping back with a derogatory name, meant to put them in their place, hold a steady smile and calm demeanor. This is especially important if someone at a book signing makes the loud comment that your book isn’t even good enough to put into the cat’s litter box. It takes a professional to ignore slurs such as this, and you are a professional.

  1. Some interview shows are live. Book signings will have an audience. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to this. Never insult the audience. No matter what they do, no matter how they act, even if their cell phones are putting out non-stop text alerts, don’t insult them. You might feel good for a second, and then you’ll realize that you’ve lost not just them as fans for your books, but also everyone that saw the insult thrown, and all who will be told about it.

These are a good beginning for your interview. Start now preparing for these scenarios by working the things mentioned on your friends.


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