The Interview Part 4 ~ What You Should Never Do

Here we are. The last installment of how to prepare for an interview. These are things you should absolutely never do.

1.      Sitting back with your hands folded across your stomach. This gives the impression that you’re holding yourself aloof from not just the interviewer but also those watching you.

2.      You are going to be asked questions you find are too personal or irritate you. Never be hostile or twitchy when giving your response. Maintaining a calm demeanor will work for you every time.

3.      Forget the false, huge smile. Don’t bare your teeth. Remember, in a television environment, everything is magnified, especially in a close up. What you might think of as a friendly smile, get all those beautiful teeth showing, may come across that you feel you’re smug and think you’re better than everyone else.

4.      Interviews are long. They can grate on your nerves. This is a test of your nerves, but you can never act bored, disinterested, or let loose of that yawn demanding to come out. The urges are strong to show how you feel, but that is a fast way to lose fans and never be invited back.

5.      Always have a smile on your face. Never frown, grimace, or scowl. No matter how you feel about the questions you’re asked or how an interviewer interprets your answers, you can’t show anything but an acceptance of them.

6.      It’s near the end of the interview. You’re jonesing for a coffee. Or a place to get away from the bright lights, intrusive questions, and feeling like you’re on display. Then the big question gets asked, the one you never wanted to hear. Your initial reaction is to snarl and screech at this person for invading your privacy. STOP! Don’t do that. Swallow back your initial response and slowly speak while you formulate a response that is reasoned and neutral. Remember, it’s the interviewer’s job to get information out of you. It’s your job to give them what you want them to know and hold back on anything you don’t want the public to know.

It’s been a long journey to get to this point. We’re finally at the end of the advice on how to conduct yourself in an interview. Is this everything you need to know? Not by a long shot. This is the important information.

Your best bet to survive an interview and come off as the author everyone wants to follow and read their books is to maintain a calm demeanor and be pleasant despite prodding to get you to react in a way you’ll soon regret.