Dealing with the Unexpected

All of us have run into situations where we’re caught unaware. Teens seem to experience this more than any other age group. Usually, the unexpected in a teen’s life means the world around them is thrown into turmoil.

How does someone tackle a problem that hits you at the worst moment? Do you go with the flow? Do you weep and wail, demanding that everyone around you stop what they’re doing and fix your problem? Or do you decide to make the best of the situation, turn it around to give it a positive twist?

What do you do if you’re the poor kid in town and your mom forgets to pay her utilities? You’re stuck going to school smelling like last year’s gym socks, after they’ve fermented all summer under a hot sun. Of course, you run into your mortal enemy and piss her off because you don’t smell like a fresh flower.

This is the situation Chrissy faces in The Curse of the Wolf. She’s trying to avoid a certain individual but runs into her. This person creates trouble in Chrissy’s life but she doesn’t even pause when that pops up. Instead of freaking out, she makes the best of the situation by helping others in her situation.


A group of inept witches is the wrong people to piss off. Chrissy Thomas learns this lesson, after a humiliating encounter at school. Cursed to run as the wolf at night, expected to unleash her werewolf side, she fights instead for those who have no protector. Until the night the witches attempt to do away with her in order to regain the powers their curse ripped from them.


This sounds interesting. I don't normally read this kind of book, but you've piqued my interest.

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