Listen to Your Mama!

The teen years are perhaps the worst when it comes to children listening to their parents, especially your mom. The woman who made you cookies, kissed away your owies, and made sure you were dressed appropriately for the weather has now taken on a “brainless” persona. She’s clueless about how teens are in this modern age. Your mom does nothing but embarrass you in front of your friends. And she doesn’t want you to have a boyfriend.

Just when you’re ready to consign your mom into the “will never get it” category, she amazes you with advice that actually seems to fit a modern world.

What kind of advice is this?

Well… believe it or not, teen issues today aren’t all that different from twenty, thirty, or even forty years ago. Actually, I’m betting you can go back in history and discover teen issues are pretty much the same since the beginning of time.

Sure, we have all these modern conveniences now that make our lives easier. Your parents might not have dealt with cell phones and all the things that can happen with them when they were younger. They certainly didn’t have twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week social media keeping them in touch worldwide. But… to a degree, their problems really do match yours, just at a smaller level.

Take Lorelei from Mama’s Advice. She’s a normal teen but still struggling with the grief of losing her mother to cancer. Lorelei misses her mama enough to spend time at her grave, and even hears her mama talking to her. Unfortunately, like most teens, when it comes to boyfriend advice, Lorelei believes Mama doesn’t know what she’s talking about. That decision almost gets her into trouble.


Lorelei loses what's left of her family close to graduation, but she still has Mama to lean on, or rather she has Mama's ghost. At first, Lorelei ignores the opinion about her boyfriend, Chase, but then she figures out he is acting strangely and has a new tattoo covering a scar he never had before.

Chase, however, isn't one to give up on a girl. He dumps them not the other way around, until Mama's ghost gives Lorelei the strength shut him out of her life.


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