Those Pesky Relatives

All of us have them. A relative that makes our life miserable. They’re embarrassing They’ll pop up just when you don’t need anything else troubling you. And they won’t go away until you do what they want.

Imagine if that relative is a ghost who has decided to occupy your body until the past is fixed. Imagine how you’re ready to go on a date with your boyfriend, only to discover he’s the grandson of the man who messed up your relative’s life. What’s a girl to do?

Ciara Lafferty has to get ready for a Halloween to remember for the kids in her hometown. Just when things seem to be going fine, she makes an amazing discovery. The great aunt everyone assumed ran away after getting into a bunch of trouble has returned—as a ghost! And she’s ready to stir up real trouble in her determination to make the real troublemaker pay!


Everyone pays for the mistakes of their family, but for Ciara Tressa Lafferty, that particular mistake happened almost sixty years ago, and nobody will forget it. She's constantly compared to her great aunt, and even worse, she looks like the woman.

A senior in high school with a great future ahead of her, Ciara has no clue what this Halloween holds for her. That it's the anniversary her great aunt’s disappearance is just one more annoyance as she discovers her boyfriend's great grandfather refuses to let her move on with her own life. Then Ciara finds herself thrust in a nebulous existence within her own body when Tressa Anne Lafferty, her great aunt, possesses her. Ciara tries to break free, but Tressa refuses to release her until Ciara discovers the secret hidden within the charred remains of McLaren House--a revelation which will rock the whole town.


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