You’re Too Young

Teens around the world have heard the expression, “You’re too young to do that,” more times than they care to count. No matter what they want to do, if it doesn’t meet with parental approval, they’re soon hearing that the activity is too old for them.

Arguments don’t usually make a difference. In fact, those arguments often have the teen finding themselves in a heap of trouble. Sneaking around can prove to be disastrous, with the loss of privileges and trust only the beginning of the issues a teen will have.

What’s the solution when a teen discovers they’re about to get into trouble, but that trouble could be very minor when the bigger picture emerges?

No easy answer exists for this problem. In Ghosties Trouble to the Max, Hailey and her crew are faced with the decision to disobey their parents or let a troublesome bunch of spirits destroy their town. They decide to do what needs to be done, but will they learn that they’re not always going to be right?


Ghosts are popping up all over Landry. The town is being overrun and no one knows why—least of all Hailey Hatmaker and her Ghosties crew. Only none of these ghosts are talking. They’re terrified of something that only Hailey and her team can figure out. Something which could prove disastrous for them all.


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