Animals in Stories

It’s always nice to have pets in a story. They add a certain element of responsibility for the teen, a way of interfering with the normal life they’ve come to expect. Of course, no animal in a story would be worth its weight if there weren’t problems.

The normal issues with animals—feeding, exercising, cleaning up their messes—takes on a whole new level when those pets are on a space station. Yes, even science fiction takes on a more entertaining aspect when an animal is on the loose. Especially of those pets are a bit different from the usual cat and dog. Say they’re cloned to resemble the familiar pet but have many different interesting additions.

Canoples Investigations Versus Spacers Rule leads the reader into another tale of a day without end. BD and crew are hot on the trail of a group of splifters (shoplifters) who are making their lives miserable with rekats and codos that are far from their normal. Drop a four-year-old determined to emulate BD and you have an interesting tale of life on a space station.


Canoples Station is crawling with animals. Illegal ones, to be exact, hungry for new owners. And this is just the beginning. Another horror lurks beneath, one that hits home hard for BD and his friends. 


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