Past, Present, Future

A story that begins in the future, brought about by actions in the past, and with implications on the present is always entertaining for teens. It must, however, have an appeal to their sense of adventure. And of siblings each trying hard to prove they’re the best at what they do.

Include a world changing event, some nasty types ready to cause trouble, and sibling rivalry tripled and you have the potential for a blockbuster. When that event is an earthquake and fire that reshaped a now major metropolitan area, you have the chance to teach teens a little bit about their heritage.

Paradox Lost: Their Path introduces readers to triplets, DJ, Matt, and Elisa. These aren’t ordinary triplets. Not by a long shot. They’re gifted with telekinesis and many other talents that allow them to travel through time. Always adventurous since they were young, they are now in the enviable position of nearing the point where they’ll graduate school and be able to Travel without someone looking over their shoulder. Only one little problem exists—Will they actually make it to graduation?


The past changed the future

            … the future must salvage the past.

DJ, Matt, and Elisa are mostly normal teens. They have their friends, and their squabbles, and their dreams of the future. Yet, they are also very special teens, brought into this world to fulfill a prophecy made by an ancestor 200 years in their past. One of them dies, one receives incredible powers, and one discovers a place no one suspected she would have.

It was meant to be nothing more than a fun and adventurous spring break from the Beaufort School of Visionary Studies for triplets DJ, Matt, and Elisa. Little did they know that the prophecy made about them was about to catch up. When they are warned that Rogues have targeted them and their family, they go into hiding to protect everyone. But the Rogues have other plans. Can they make the right choices even though they know others will be hurt by their decisions? Even when one of those decisions means certain death? 



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