Spotlight on Adventures in Death and Romance: Vrykolkas Tales

Out of Control Characters welcomes Monette Bebow-Reinhard today. She’s talking about her recently released paranormal novel, Adventures in Death and Romance: Vrykolkas Tales.


Vrykolakas – the word is a mouthful and seems to get caught in the throat, doesn’t it?  But that’s as it should be. Let Arabus Drake, Greek vampire, grab you by the throat and pull you around the historical world in his tales. Kicking and screaming and saying no more please, and yet unable to stop turning pages, unable to walk away, because his world is your world, after all, and you’ve known he was out there all along. Give him a chance to get under your skin and you will find you’d rather go a day and a half without breathing than turn your back on Arabus Drake.

Arabus tells his tales of seeking acceptance in a living world since the day he emerged from the grave in 1503.  Included are tales that give readers insights into how it feels to be undead.  Along the journey his search evolves from seeking the soul of the woman that he was murdered with to finding a more unusual way of loving and acceptance, along the way fighting the Turk army, pirates, Tories, a vindictive lawman and a wily ghost who stands between him and a woman he thinks can finally love him.

About the Author

Monette Bebow-Reinhard spent years, while raising children, satisfying her artistic bent by acting, directing and writing plays.  She began writing movie scripts when in 1992 she gained access to the world of Bonanza through contact with its producer/creator, David Dortort.  After three years of convincing him she could write Bonanza material, she became the only authorized Bonanza writer.

She studied acting for a year at college and dropped out for the family life, returning to college in 1994 after a near miss with a publisher on a unique vampire novel series, now after a variety of versions is newly released.  The BA earned in 2000 didn’t give her good enough research skills to finish the book on her grandfather’s great-uncle’s 20 years in the army in the 1800s, and she returned to school to earn an MA in history in 2006.  She’s marketing that completed nonfiction, Civil War and Bloody Peace: following orders, and is also marketing a movie script derived from this material on what really led to the Little Bighorn.

Her biggest passion is the culture, environment and traveling for research. She drives a 2006 Honda Insight, and envisions with all her writing to pass on the passion for the environment, for cultural integrity, and for peaceful living. Her daughter CarrieLynn is assistant professor at Dominican University in Chicago, sons Adam and Bennett both work for Microsoft in Seattle, and one has given her two grandchildren.  She tries to imbue all of her historical material with respect for the environment and cultural sensitivity. 

She also recently signed with another publisher on her short story collection, Grimms American Macabre, a collection of short stories under the pen name Lizbeth Grimm. It’s been a dream of hers since learning she is a Grimm.  She has another historical novel, Saving Boone: Legend of a Half-Breed, that she’s marketing and will be presenting on the topic of politically correct in history at the August conference of Historical Writers of America in Virginia.

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Monette said…
Arabus Drake is out of control, for sure! He's filled with demons in his corpse reanimated, but his soul is also trapped, so he's not pure evil. I don't believe anything is ever pure evil, really. He does - if corpses are reanimated without the soul, and he's met a few of those in here. But he destroys them because he knows the fate of the world if vampirism is out of control. So you're going to see a very real vampire here. He's going to feel as though he could really exist in this world. Would that make you feel creepier, or more a little more accepting of those odd occurrences we always hear about? Arabus struggles against his blood thirst but he will never really be able to control it, because, after all, blood is what keeps his corpse from decaying. And he wants nothing more than to be taken as mortal, accepted, and yes, even loved. If only he can find the courage he lacked in his last mortal life!
Saurabh Chandra said…
Congratulations to Monette on getting her New Book published! Its her fourth book I guess. She has written an excellent book that would raise horror in the minds and heart of its readers. Of course much about Monette has been said in about the Author section of this Blog post. She must have done a wheelbarrow-full of research before begin working on this book, that's her style to do the work. I admire whatever she writes. I guess this means we will be seeing more of her in the print media from now on. I say more power to you! All the Best Monette.
Monette said…
Thanks for your support, Saurabh! Wheelbarrows-full for sure! Maybe even a 20-car train worth! Arabus came alive for me in so many ways, and that's pretty good, for an undead.
Monette said…
How about a little realism? There's just so much phoniness in the world. But Arabus Drake will make you think he really exists. Lots of history in these pages, too. Dive deep, and you won't surface for a while!

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