Book Promotion

There are a lot of schools of thought on how best to promote your book. No one method will work for one author and then automatically work for another. It’s up to you, the author, to find the best way to promote your book, through trial and error.

The first thing you should do is become active with a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account. Yes, I can hear your arguments. Facebook has begun scaling back on how many people see your posts. Well, there is a way to work around that, by setting up an agreement with author friends, to like and share each other’s posts. This isn’t easy but will eventually get you a small following. Posting several times a day with interesting tidbits, not always book related, will also help.

Having Twitter work for you is simply a matter of time. That means time on Twitter. Time developing a following. And time to find the right fans. It will happen, but until it does, you need to use developing trends, promotions of your book several times a day, and your current followers to get the word out.

A blog is a good way to get noticed, if it remains active. That means in addition to crowing about your latest book, you need to connect your blog posts with Twitter trends—Sunday Blog Share, Monday Blogs, Tuesday Book Blobs, and Wednesday Blogs (all with a hashtag, #, and the words written all as one). This will get your blog into groups you wouldn’t have normally thought of accessing and will get you new followers.

What you shouldn’t do is sit behind your monitor to whine and complain how nobody on social media cares about your book. Believe me, that will not get you the attention you want. Oh yes, I know very well how many people do that with their daily lives already, but don’t be the author that failed because all they could do is gripe that nobody appreciates their book.

Instead of saying that no one has reviewed your book, try using one of those memes on the care and feeding of an author—I’m sure you’ve seen them in their many varieties. Love the book? Write a review. Feed an author. Things like that. Don’t make snarky comments when you post the meme, just let it do the work. Or make a cute comment like “Pie with books is good. Maybe a blackberry/apple pie. I like that.” People will be laughing. They’ll remember your name, look for your books. Your mama was right—nobody likes a whiner.

Don’t be put off by all the authors on Twitter promoting their books. They were once in your place, uncertain what to do, screaming terror, “Help! I’m lost!” Dive in. The water is fine.


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