First Bookitis

There’s a horrible disease invading the writing community. Those of us who have been around are watching in horror as it takes over the newly published authors. We worry for their sanity. We wonder if they can be saved. Is this disease fatal?

Well, most will tell you this problem is solvable, but it will take some serious work.

The rest? We’ll shrug and watch and the train wreck happens before our eyes.

What am I talking about? First Bookitis. The symptoms are pretty predictable. Bragging about getting an outstanding contract, as soon as their newly signed agent gets it into gear. Envisioning cover art on par with a well-established author who makes millions annually. They’ll scorn advice from more experienced authors and demand that they keep their antiquated ideas to themselves.

More than half of those suffering Bookitis will vanish as an author within one to five years after their first book is published. Their reasons will vary, but they’ll be pretty much predictable.

“Nobody is buying my book. They can’t see how great it is.”

So, to a degree Bookitis is fatal, to those who don’t listen to the authors who have gone before them. But it’s also a curable disease, if one is willing to take the time to learn from the experts.

Or as your mother used to say, “It’s better to keep your mouth closed, than to open it and forever dispel any doubt regarding your intelligence level.”

In other words, don’t laugh off the advice of those who have gone before you and are still around. We learned the hard way.


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