How to be Successful

We all face that big problem these days—big ideas on how to promote but a small or non-existent budget. Just how does one overcome that issue and still manage to get people to know about their book?

There are alternatives to the high priced promotional sites. Instead of putting out $700 or more for a site to email their fans about your book reduced to .99 for a week, and not making back your investment, try a site that will do this for $15 or $20. Or free. You don’t get the same reach, but you do have an opportunity to not only recoup your investment but also to make some money.

What about all the sites that troll Twitter, following authors, and then sending them a direct message to check out their guaranteed way to make money on social media. I’d steer clear of those. Everyone has their own idea on how to make money on social media. Some of those methods work, others are a waste of your time and money.

The best way to succeed is to be out there in front of your friends and followers every day. Promotion isn’t just a way of getting people to know about your books, it’s a way to get them to know you as an author. Once you are known as an author, you will find your fan base.

There is no shortcut, no guaranteed method to make it in this book market. Everyone has to try many methods before settling on the one that works for them. It’s very much trial and error. But it can be done, if you don’t quit.


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